There is very little information regarding Ms. Amber Rose on the net outside of her being a bi-sexual stripper and Kanye's arm piece. I like to at least try and give background on the people that I choose to be my fashionistas because some may not really know who they are. I looked and looked and looked but there is nothing on her background except the aforementioned. So, that is that.

What I am going to say is that this chick rose from the stripper pole and landed in the office of Ford models. YES, she is signed to a modeling agency, and a very prestigious one at that. She is one of the very few "models" (you know, the video vixens or sex tape "victims") who has actually landed a deal to be part of an actual agency. So kudos. We ALLLLL know how that happened but I am going to give it to her, Amber is a very beautiful woman and has a style that is outta here ridiculous and hasnt really been seen before. Well, not seen before and put together so perfectly. Very, very, very few women can pull off the bald look and even less can pull it off in flourescent leggings.
I think that what wows me the most about her is that she has completely changed her look and did a 180. She wen from rocking suspenders clipped to a high-waist, grandma looking pair of too short shorts to rocking designer dresses at the Met Costume Gala. And she did is FLAWLWSSLY. Although I dont completely agree with her lifestyle or what seems to be a sham relationship, I am focusing on the fashion aspect of her life. She has the look, height ans fashion sense to pull off almost any look that she puts her mind to and that is what particularly draws me to her so easily. Its like I LOVE looking at this woman! Every photo of her is in something that is completely in-tact with her style code and so put together. I feel that she is actually a great model with such a unique look that has been missing for a while. I really do hope that she is able to go far with her modeling dreams and really wish her the best.

Keri Hilson was born in 1982 in Decatur, Georgia (BIG UPS, thats where I grew up). In her teen years she routinely practiced the piano and took singing lessons eventually allowing her to join a girl group called D'Signe. She began songwriting in 2001 for artists such as Usher, Ludacris, Britney Spears and Ciara. In 2006 she signed with Timbaland's label Mosley Music group while appearing on the smash "The Way I Are". She is actually signed to Interscope Records and Zone 4 as well. She was part of a collective group of writers and producers known as the Clutch where she ghost-writed for artists for quite some time. Her debut cd was "In A Perfect World" which included her smash hit "Turnin Me On". Since then she has been trying to climb the charts as well as her way into the lime light of the industry in front of the camera, instead of hidden in the credits of someone else's album.
MS. KERI BAAABBBY!! I know that she has gotten some flack on her style sense in the very brief time she has come from the back drop into the lime light, but I am really digging her. I call her the unlikely icon because I believe that Keri Hilson has such a style that is her own. I think that she can go from the streetwalk to the red carpet beautifully. I know a lot of people dont really like her style but I appreciate people who know what they like to wear and try to stay as true to that without losing themselves to the labels (not saying that it wont happen). I feel that she is steadily working at incorporating her own taste into what is "accepted" by the fashion mags. This tall, gorgeous woman is really making a name for herself in the music industry and I feel that if she continues to get the right stylists to cater to what she likes, while standing by what looks good on her and in front of the camera, she will be set. Not saying that she is 100% there because I think that with her long legs and slender frame, she has what it takes to rock the hottest things, but I understand that not everyone is into that. She seems to be more comfortable rockin' sneakers than stillettos. But to each its own. Ms. Keri baby is my unlikely fashion icon right now. Im going to continue to keep tabs on her though... she looks like she can slip.

I dont know how and why these shoes are still being created. Its not that I dont find them cute because the ones on the left I would wear if it had a nice stilletto heel to go on it. I just think that they appear to be a tad weird looking, call me crazy and conventional but I feel that a shoe that is supposed to have a heel SHOULD HAVE A HEEL! The first time I see this was on Victoria Beckham (no surprise) on the right with her man, the finest white man alive, David Beckham. I did not like them at all and I dont know, I dont think they are really going to be rubbing off on me anytime soon. If its someone elses revelation then go ahead, but this look is not for me whatsoever.

Miss Lala Vasquez was spotted out and about with fiancee Carmelo Anthoney on the way to a club. She rocked these Alexander Mcqueen booties last month at the premiere of The Taking of Pelham 123... Now I am one that says, "if we wear things more than once, why cant celebs?".. I dont think its fair to bust them out if they happen to wear something more than once. However, since I love these boots and want to hate, I will.

I have a 3 for 1 deal today! There has been so many things that have went on today that I just had to group them alll together so there could be one post about the foolish hot mess that has went on the last couple days.

Ok we are going to first start with Michelle Williams, who for some reason thought it would be a good idea to first put on this oversized, unflattering tunic paired with black stockings (could we have AT LEAST had them flesh toned like her ex-group member Beyonce). The only thing right about that outfit is the leather jacket, which although way too hot right now to be wearing, is very much the trend right now.

NEXT, solange, solange, solange. We are NOT amber rose (who I am going to be doing a seperate post on). Like I said before, only about 1 in 2000 women can pull off a short haircut, and 1 in 20,000 can pull off being bald headed and unfortunately, you didnt make the cut (WOAH, no pun intended- I ALWAYS do that lol)...and it doesnt help that top is ugly.

LAST, Mel, you are a disgrace to black mothers all over the country right now. Why would you go and shave your child's head off into a mohawk? WHY? Your baby does not have good enough hair to do so. Im sorry. I dont think that this look is acceptable for anyone to go around looking like, let alone someone who didnt have a choice in that hairstyle.
And that is the foolishness that has been going on in the past couple days. Im so saddened by this all. Especially when you have enough money to pay someone to give you a clue

If you read this blog and other posts, you can pretty much get the idea that I love Rihanna's style. She can pull off so many different looks and create such an outfit that will only pretty much look good on her. Since she recovered from her beat-down, this girl has truly done a complete 180 on her wardrobe. If you thought she was a fashionista pre-chris-brown, then this girl has become a fashion icon now. I think that she is really evolving her style every week and taking it to levels that people her age are not anywhere near touching. I think that many are trying but its not working. She showed up to a movie premiere in this ensemble...
She took it back. It is very reminiscent of a 50's iconic fashion powerhouse (not to mention that pearls are very much in style right now). Rihanna is pulling off looks left and right and I will be one of the first to give kudos to whoever her stylists is because we know that even though she is pulling off the look, her stylist is pulling it together. I think that if she keeps it up she will be long awaiting a career in the fashion industry.