Ok, the thing that is buggin me today is the fact that people think that just because something is "name brand" or expensive, it automatically becomes "cute". I do not understand when people get this idea that the more expensive it gets, the more aesthetically pleasing it gets. I mean, I understand that people like different things and it may just be expensive. I also know that there are plenty of items that are outrageously priced that if I had the money I would buy. At the same time, are we lustin after these items because of what they represent-financial security, status? Or do we look at them and want them because we generally like them and want it because, face it, more expensive things tend to be made better? If you answered yes to question one, then this rant is for you. Lets look at ourselves and see why we need these things and why it is soooo important to have name brand things. And Im not just talkin bout RocaWear, AppleBottoms, BabyPhat or any other urban brands (and if you are over 22 and stick to wearin these labels..that is a WHOLE other rant for YOU! lets step our game up a little bit), but LV, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Armani, blah blah blah! There are individuals who only buy name brand because they are just that and there are those who think that being made by a certain designer just gives it the green light to be cute. Let me clear this up now, that mentality is just bizarre to me. I believe if you have it, go head and get it. If you have it and you want it solely to try and "flaunt" then there is really something wrong, deeper than skin but it is borderline becoming mental. What approval are you seeking? What need is only being fulfilled by a $1,000 price tag? Humm... well, i shall digress

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE!! O my my my! Angie!! I was actually going to put her as one of my up-n-coming fashionistas (yea, she gotta little bit more work to do) because I loved her laid back, casual style that we have grown to love. She always looked so cute without even having to try! But this is jus WRONG! I do not know what she was thinking with this. I mean I have seen Megan Good and Tierra Marie (or however you spell that chick name) in this exact shirt, but they were at least goin OUT to the club, not to lunch! Its just tacky. I think some people can pull off the "different" and "unusual" looks but umm I am not puttin Angie as one of them. And those BOOTS, wow! I mean, I never liked them when they were bein rocked everywhere but boo boo its the summer, the beginning of JUNE! I have had several convos with friends about people mixin the seasons, but she is mixin not only the seasons but the occassions as well. Each part of this outfit dont belong together! o honey.. my love Angela. You are supposed to have your own line and you run around like this? Ok, I just cant say anymore.

LMAO!!!!!! O wow, this is just WRONG on sooo many levels. Ok, the guys wearing pink phase has been dead and gone for a while, but to add a floral suit jacket to it, o wow. Im still just dying of laughter. This is why people should reference check their stylist and if he did it himself, he NEEDS a stylist ASAP!! o lord, give ME a call.. im unemployed! This just goes to show that it does not matter how big (or how big you use to be) in the industry, you are still subject to fatal, tragic mistakes!


OK! Plaid has been "back" for about 4 years if I had to roundabout guesstimate. I mean, designers have really been puttin their foot in it, along with casual retail shops to make sure this trend is still in full effect. I was NOT a fan of it a few years ago because all I really seen was the wrinkled, faded plaid "look" that was comin back. NOT feelin it. But in recent years (two to be precise) I have just fallen in love *aawww*. The styles they are puttin plaid on and the emergence of the feminine plaid has really caused this to stay in the lime light for the past several years. However, as you know- what we rockin now, has been rocked before. Most already know that the emergence of plaid (the american english word for tartan, which is what it was originally called) hailed from the good-ol' scots. They fashioned their kilts with the material along with the sash that drooped over them while wearing them. Tartan is 'cloth made with alternating stripes
and bands of color woven into or dyed onto fabric'. That is the jist of plaid. lol. Im keeping on the still hot list because I mean as you can see with Teyana Taylor, Rihanna (even tho that is an older pic of her, i jus LOOOVVVEEE that plaid jacket..o dear jesus), Beyonce and Megan Good it is still being worn. And we all know that celebs have to (even tho some of them dont) keep up with the trends and what is current at the times. I do not see this trend going anywhere immediately but I would not put it past a year and half tops! *im going to come back and look at this to see if im right, because this is jus MY opinion, could be wrong*. I do because although there has been more and more people wearing it, it HAS been around for a while. A good way to see if it is moving out or not, just go to the store and pick up fashion mags, or you can go to designers collections (i.e, we are in spring so you can look at their fall 2009 or spring 2010 collections) and see if plaid is still being used. Designers usually start their collections a year (at least) before it is to be released so if you are not seeing a lot of it, you might wanna start packin the plaid up. NOT saying this is a definite way but its a suggestion. The thing with trends is that, its just that- a trend. It does not stay around for super long unlike the basics such as woven shirts, jeans, skirts, flats, stillettos- they stay around because they are "generic", will be used continuously, just designed in different ways.

My girl hit me on twitter to do a post on earring necklaces. I had already knew what she was talkin bout soon as I read it because I had seen them for the first time ever (along with most of the free world) on Rihanna at the beginning of this month on theybf.com (my favorite gossip site!). I saw them, liked them but did not think much of them until I really started to research them for this post. These are called "earlaces" because they are an earring and a necklace.

I liked these earrings (not the rest of the outfit, rih rih was slippin! even tho I still had her as
one of my fashionistas) but I had ALREADY knew that they were not going to be liked by everyone. And I was right. A lot of sites have put this look down *along with her outfit* and, when reading the responses, saw that many everyday people were not feeling it either. I think these earrings are so different its ridiculous and that is what I look for, something that you are not going to see walking down every street corner. If it were like that, then what would be the purpose of doing this? I understand that not everyone is going to jump on the look, but regarding it as gawdy or just plain ugly is jumping the gun as well. The thing that people need to know about fashion is that just because YOU would not wear it does not make it ugly. There are plenty of things that top designers put out *as I look through their runway collections* that I do not particularly care for, but to say they are ugly just because I do not care for them is ignorant. It is about being original and standing out from the say, 20,000 other designers trying to make it in the SAME field.

Now, I digress. These earrings had the entire fashion world hunting down the designer because this look, according to Marie Claire has "never been seen before in the world of accessories". And she has been found! She is a designer by the name of Dechel Mckillion and is based out of L.A. I found her, FINALLY (I was looking for 30 min on these earrings) on Rihannadaily.com and saw that she has her own site called spacelitevintage.com where you can purchase a pair for $60 which is not bad. Above are the pictures of the designer wearing the designs herself. There really is not much information on this designer at all, my apologies, but I am definately putting her on my designer watch list just in case she springs up. I would def be careful rockin these though because one good tug or club fight can completely destroy your earlobes, so these are NOT for those fight club type girls (stef, Im lookin at you sideways because you almost there! lol).

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Leggings are "a form of skin tight trousers, a tighter version of the capris ending at the mid-calf or near the ankle" came into fashion in the 60's. They have become wildly popular today but to think of them as being "new" or such, is just not true. They have been used in many different ways throughout its popularity, such as for workout or used as a type of leg warmers for those in the military. Leggings that are nylon-lycra material were originally worn for exercise in the 60's but became a fashion trend in the 80's. By the early 90's they were actually outselling jeans! *crazy huh*. They have recently made a comeback, well, not that recently. The trend once again started in late 2004, 2005 when people started wearing them with skirts (and some with *ugh* shorts), oversized shirts and as actual pants (meaning they wore them with regular length shirts exposing the whole legging). They are still very popular today because they are so easy to wear your fave shirt with that may not be long enough for a dress but may look ackward with jeans. I see it slowly fading within the next year or two, if you legging lovers are lucky, three. They are not officially played out or close, but be on the look out! (pictured above, Bre from America's Next Top Model, below: Christina Millian, Megan Good, and Rihanna)


Skinny leg jeans have been in commission for quite some time now. They have went through several decades of being in, then going out and so on. The first era was in the 50s where the style originated. They were popularized by stars such as Roy Rogers and Marilyn Monroe by wearing their jeans very close to the ankles. When Elvis Presley began wearing them, they became associated with "bad boys" and rock n roll. In the 70s the "glam rock" style began and began rockin skinny leg in contrast to the flared-leg style worny by the hippies. They fit tightly and were adorned with zippers and mismatched patches. In the 80s, styles of acid-wash skinny leg denim were popular with heavy metal bands. They were for those who did not want to wear spandex that, at the time, were linked with glam rock and were often worn with high tops. As the grunge genre rose along with hip hop in the beginning of the 90s, skinny jeans faded into the background. However, some people still wore them as a way to rebel or be seen as "old school". They have made their comeback into the mainstream of America for a while now. They started coming back, from what I remember, in late 2006 if I had to say. They seem to not be going aaannyyywhere right now! Unless they come out with a hotter pant (well, the paper bag trouser seems to be gaining some momentum) then they will be around for a while longer. Can you imagine the flare coming back?? *ugh* (pictured above, Kim Kardashian; below: Megan Fox and Beyonce)


This look came about in the 80's during the, you guessed it, popularizing movie Flashdance. This look consisted of one sleeve being drooped past the shoulder for an off the shoulder look they we still see today. They were put on with leggings (as you still see today. It is like they are takin the 80's back by STORM!) or really tight jeans (skinny jeans) or over a miniskirt. Oversized or off the shoulder shirts have been manipulated in so many ways. The original look started with girls wearing big sweaters and cutting the necklines so that they are drooped over (unless they came that way) but now, they are just having the look modified so that the shirt is more form fitting and one shoulder is more drooped than the other which creates the same look. You really dont see it in its original form but the concept is still going on. It is not a wildly popular trend,even though the look has been back in effect for a couple years now but it may have the ability to really take hold as the one-shoulder movement is catching fire right now. (pictured to right: chanel iman, below: victoria beckham and cassie)

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Some are going to hate me for this post but i dont care! lol. Im sorry, high waist jeans are officially PLAYED OUT!! sorry! If you are still rockin them, please report them BACK to your closet immediately and tuckt them away til they, perhaps, come back in style. Kelis busted a pair of stonewashed empire-waist (that is the "official name" lol) jeans out in her video "Bossy" and that is when the trend officially started (i tried to look for confirmation on this, but there was none. I do not care, wasnt NOOOOOOBODY wearing high-waist jeans before this video). I was NOT feeling them in that video, I thought they were ugly and old fashion (which they were, they were in style in the 70s). But this is when empire waist jeans took OFF!!! They were selling them everywhere and everyone was wearing them! I admit I got on the trend even after hating them originally, they were cute and with the right shirt and shoes (KEYWORD: RIGHT). And when they came out with the shorts, O MY GOD!! They had a good run, but I am officially putting them on played out! Jessica Simpson is the one that solidified the fact that the high waist movement was THROUGH! Im sorry, no offense, it just really did it for me with them. I know they were talking about her weight and everything, but I'm just talking about the look entirely. I seen this girl in my church this past week with them on and that prompted my further quest to make sure the world knew that this trend was DEAD! I loved the look, some looked better in them than others, and all that jazz but it is time for us to say so long to these jeans. If you still have a pair, we are going to throw our lighters up and sing a farewell song.


Dean and Dan Caten are obviously twin brothers who run the brand DSquared2 ( they named it that for obvious reasons). They were born in Toronto in 1965 and are the youngest of 9 children. In 1991, they decided to move to Milan to take a crack at becoming fashion designers. They originally started out by creating their men's line in 1994 then moved on to women's apparel in 2003. They are known for having elaborate and celeb filled runway shows to add a touch of flare to their collection presentation- i.e Christina Aguilera closing out the 2005 show and Rihanna starting the Milan show in 2007. Since its presentation, the DSquared2 line has been gaining much noteriety in the celebrity world too as celebs such as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Nicholas Cage, Beyonce, and Madonna have taken a liking to their collections. Their line has been featured in Madonna's 2001 world tour, Britney's Circus Tour, Fergie's "Clumsy" video, and on AMerica's Next Top Model. In 2006, they were asked to design the Juventus football team uniforms and two years later started helping design for Marcolin's sunglass line which is set to be released this year. In 2007, DSquared2 flagship store was opened in Milan's fashion district (they have fashion districts EVERYWHERE it seems like, I have only been to the one in LA and it is just amazing!). In 2003, these two were awarded Breakout Designer Of The Year by GQ and just a few years ago
they were presented with the Golden Needle Award. This award have been given to some of the heavy hitters in the fashion industry such as Oscar de la Renta (just GORGEOUS gowns, love the collections, they are amazing), Jean Paul Gautier, Tom Ford (i think he is one of the legends that are so underpraised sometimes, not a huge name besides those who study fashion- he was once the creative director for Gucci), Manolo Blahnik (shoes are CRAZY, gotta love em- everytime I think of Carrie Bradshaw). But these guys did not just pop up on the fashion scene and get prestigious awards that some that have been around longer and received more noteriety than them have not received. It has taken long work, creative genius, trend specification while keeping a individuality which some designers fail to do. They present what is new and trendy but put their own spin on it in order to come across and stand out amongst many labels. I believe they are going to keep getting better and better because they seem to have a knack for blending trends into a realm that is suitable for a higher-end brand. They keep their designs fresh and youthful, while still maintaining that high-end sense (not just price, the look!) that a lot of designers are going for but falling short on. Dean and Dan are my designers of the day because 1) i love twins, 2) they are really starting to truly break out into the American markets even after being in the biz for about 20 years, 3) their styles are updating with the times, they are not getting lost in translation, 4) they have not lost their sense of originality in a profession formed on repeating the past. (pics from their fall 2008 and spring 2009 collection from nymag.com-check this site out, its great!)

Rock&Republic is an jean company based in the U.S (yes! there are American designers with potential..lol). The company was founded in 2002 by Michael Ball (we have the same last name, wonder if we are related? maybe i can get some tuition paid) and the presided over by his good friend Andrea Berholtz. Michael originally gained experience in the designing world by creating the designs for his former cycling team which he was involved with. To be a relatively new label, it is gaining a lot of noteriety and establishing itself well amongst its target audience. Rock&Republic has gained a lot of momentum over the years, growing more and more popular as it was originally being carried in small boutiques and now moving to large dept. such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Lord & Taylor. We have come to know them as a jean brand mostly but I am not going to focus on their jeans because if you have not heard about them by now.....im sorry. *well, quick synopsis- their jeans are the ones with the back to back R's on the pockets, sold in urban and rock stores and range from $160 to $400. You can check out their online store http://www.rockandrepublic.com/ and if you like their jeans you can purchase a pair or try and find sites that carry them at a discounted price. You can even try to search ebay for a pair, but watch out for fakes! Ebay has a great guide to buying them- check it out: http://tinyurl.com/fap78.* Ok, my goal for this was to introduce those to another aspect of the company. Although their jeans are really driving the company in the mainstream light, they have a complete line of clothing including women's dresses, suits, jackets and a whole men's line as well. I mean, I was aware that there was more of a line than just jeans but looking at their past 6 runway shows, I did not know that they had such a diverse line (these photos are from nymag.com from 2009 collection). I wanted to present the different things that R&R had to offer because I think it is a very creative line and really blends trends of the time in their own way. They assess what is hot at the moment and put their own take on it to make it into that "punk-rock" type look but could *and most likely would* be worn by many different types of people. I love how they can take one style or pattern and make it work several different ways (a dress, a top, leggings, ect.). I mean, a lot of designers do that but i have not liked it the way I have liked R&R way of doing it. It is like some try to hard to make it different, and can make it OUTRAGEOUS and would not be something a normal, everyday person would wear. Rock & Republic is a brand that is really taking off and making a name for themselves among so many other labels that have been around even longer. We just hope they dont fade into the background like so many labels today are beginning to do.





I am going to start off saying that I love Marilyn Monroe. She was a horrid actress and couldn't sing a lick (Im sorry she couldnt I have heard her sing and watched a couple of her movies) but her style, fashion sense, and general sex appeal made the world love her. Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Mortenson on June 1, 1926 in LA to Gladys Baker. Her mother was later committed to a mental institution forcing Norma to spend most of her childhood going from foster home to orphanages until 1937. *Ok, jump a few years* (if you want her WHOLE life story look it up yourself). She dyed her hair blonde then changed her name to Marilyn Monroe to make it big in Hollywood. She later married Joe DiMaggio (second husband, first one she divorced). After a while their marriage started to fall apart as he could not handle her fame and sexual image and they later divorced. She was found dead in her home on August 5, 1962 with 30 films under her belt and being always synonymous with beauty and sexuality.

Marily Monroe is one of my fashionistas because she did the opposite of what women were doing at the time. She took the faux pas of women sexuality and threw it away and with it the ties of what was socially acceptable for women. Her sensuality was reflected time and time again in the way she chose to adorn her body in fashion. Her look of sexiness back then is our equivalent to a woman dressing provacatively today. But, personally, looking back at her many, many pictures, I see sexy, classy (even though it was considered outright raunchy back then). It is the look that more and more women are going for today, they want that balance. The sexiness of the long, plunging neck and backless dresses she wore in the past have been kept alive by many designers today opting for the classic sexy woman. I look at her and do not see the raunchy, sex-driven woman that many of her time see. I see this gorgeous woman being herself, loving and embracing her sexuality while showing the world that she could still exude sheer sexiness even under a huge fur coat.

Ok, I have been keeping my mouth shut on the subject but my lips cannot help but to part NOW!! Today I am touching on the subject of "knock-offs", ok, to those who do not know- a knock off is an imitation of another highly popularized brand (i.e- Coach, Fendi, LV, Prada,Gucci- blah, blah, blah). I was watching an episode of Sex in the City last night and it was about Samantha buying this knock-off Fendi purse while they were vacationing in L.A (ok, sidenote- i love sex in the city now and cant wait til the next movie comes out). This got me thinking, why would Samantha need to buy a fake purse, she seemed to have enough money to buy a real one. Then that was IT! SEEMED! This was probably because first, she was white, lived in NY, had "rendevous's" with successful men and all that other stuff. That led to me to notice that when we are walking down the street or in the mall, why do we not question if a purse is real if it is hanging off a white woman's arm, but soon as a minority has one on, we automatically assume it is a fake? Maybe its just ME (but I know its not). But that isnt even the real subject of my rant because I believe that it not ONLY is race but HOW you wear the purse. I am not against knock-offs *fake it til you make it girl* because i have one. But in certain situations I NEVER wear it such as- i go to a high end mall (pass a LV store or Gucci store with a fake, they WILL notice it and probably talk mess), go to a highly populated place (i.e-the amusement park or club- someone MAY think its real and try and get me but mainly because it will be a WHOLE zoo of people with knock-offs too) or when I'm running common errands. I mean, I see women with all kinds of designer purses with head-wraps on, broke-down slippers with crusted ankles, torn t-shirts, too-tight- heavily worn jeans with a tear that is NOT part of the design, WHO ARE YOU FOOLING?? MY GOD, it comes down to presentation! If you are going to rock a purse that is an imitation of a $2,000 one, PLEASE look like you can afford it because if you dont, that is like the first clue its not real. Im sorry but it is the truth. I do not wear my knock-off to run to do menial errands because I do not look my best and know that no one will believe me! I do have a small LV purse that is real (its old though) that I wear whenever because I know its real so I dont trip. The point of my rant is not to shun knock-offs, it is to educate those who choose to wear them on HOW to wear them. I do not care if you say it dont matter, YES IT DOES because you would NOT have ran out to buy that imitation knowing their is hundreds of stores that carry cute, non-designer purses. That is why we dont question white women- its not only a mental thing saying that white women can afford it (which I wouldnt be surprised if half of their's was fake) but its that if we do see them they are dressed like they could. NOT SAYING ALL MINORITIES DONT LOOK THE PART- I, ME, MYSELF, PERSONALLY, have witnessed a lot that didnt and that is just my rant for the day


Rihanna was born Robyn Fenty on February 20, 1988. She was born in Saint Michael, Barbados but moved to the U.S at the age of 16 to pursue her music career (which we all can see really paid off). She was signed to Def Jam Records after auditioning for Jay Z and Evan Rogers became her first producer. Rihanna has opted to set herself apart from other singers in the music industry by choosing to stick to her own sense of style which usually is dripping with designer names. Her keen since of style and fashion choices has landed the, then 20 year old, on People's 10 Best Dressed Stars list in 2008. This year, Glamour magazine labeled her the 17th most glamorous woman of 2009. This meant she beat out 33 other glamorous starlets for the spot! To me, that is pretty impressive for a 21 year old to do, especially seeing that younger stars in the industry try to go for the sexy-to-the-point-of-slutty look in order to gain attention. Very rarely do you see Rih-Rih in a see through top, skirt up to her buttcheeks or garments such as those lol. If you take a look at her photos over the years, you really not only see this young girl mature into a beautiful young adult, but her style has been the most prominent. She started off with the shorter skirts, long brown weave and mid-driff tops (ugh..i just never liked them, but that is me personally) and really came into a short-do, designer rocking, fab chick. I was hesitant about doing Rih Rih because she is so synonomous with style and thought it would be kind of cliche but i dont care, i heart her. It is so hard to define Rih-Rih's style because it is always changing, better yet evolving. As soon as you fall in love with one look from her, she just takes it to a whole other level that most people dont even understand! I love the versatility she shows and is not afraid to be bold and do something unconventional (we ALLLL seen that Tuexedo she wore to the Met Gala..no comment). She can take a hoodie, skinny leg jeans and basic pair of pumps and rock it so hard but when you see someone else do it-->> NO! She just has that je ne sais que! Looks she has pulled off and completely shattered would not look good on anyone else but her. This is why she is one of my fashionistas, because she is doing this at such a young age. Most of those getting praised for their looks are in their later 20s to early 30s but she just turned 21 and is being invited to Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana premieres and parties. I dont know about you guys but that is just CRAZY to me. I really think Rihanna can do no wrong but that is for everyone else to decide. Some love her look, some hate it (i know! who are these people? lol) but their is one thing for sure, if music gives up on her, I know the fashion world will greet her with open arms.