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There are a lot of people who mix and match the terms haute couture and ready to wear up as if they refer to the same design. In reality, they are completely different styles of dress and design, even down to the stitching. Well, fear no more people I am here to the rescue lol. I will gently break down the difference between the terms so that no one shall be confused any longer!

To define "haute couture" we have to dissect both words within it. Couture is the french word for "sewing". Clothes that are considered to be couture are those that are sewn then fitted especially for a certain individual or client. This can often mean fittings a garment to the client several different times to produce an accurate fit. Couture pieces can be specifically designed for the client or could be from a designers couture collection.
Couture pieces are generally made up of some of the finest textiles or contain extensive hands-on work, such as beading and embroidery) to complete the piece. THIS is what causes one of the main differences between couture and ready-to-wear= price! The more hand detailing and labor that goes into a one-of-a-kind piece makes these dresses as expensive as they can be (ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars).
Haute Couture means "high sewing" and is reserved SPECIFICALLY by European fashion houses that can provide made-to-measure apparel in or around their "houses" and belong to the Federation Francaise de la Couture.

Ready-to-wear is also known as "pret-a-porter" and is designer clothing that is made ready for the customer or client to wear. They come in the standard sizes and are typically sold through the channels of boutiques, high-end dept. stores, can be ordered in the mail or over the internet. Clients who prefer to have extra work put in it or have the outfit customized must pay extra for that work to be put forth because it is not included in ready-to-wear. These pieces are less expensive than couture or haute couture peices because they are made in "mass" almost and require less work to put forth than couture pieces do.

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