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THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE!! O my my my! Angie!! I was actually going to put her as one of my up-n-coming fashionistas (yea, she gotta little bit more work to do) because I loved her laid back, casual style that we have grown to love. She always looked so cute without even having to try! But this is jus WRONG! I do not know what she was thinking with this. I mean I have seen Megan Good and Tierra Marie (or however you spell that chick name) in this exact shirt, but they were at least goin OUT to the club, not to lunch! Its just tacky. I think some people can pull off the "different" and "unusual" looks but umm I am not puttin Angie as one of them. And those BOOTS, wow! I mean, I never liked them when they were bein rocked everywhere but boo boo its the summer, the beginning of JUNE! I have had several convos with friends about people mixin the seasons, but she is mixin not only the seasons but the occassions as well. Each part of this outfit dont belong together! o honey.. my love Angela. You are supposed to have your own line and you run around like this? Ok, I just cant say anymore.

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