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Madonna-queen of the 80's began rocking them as a fashion statement. Fingerless gloves were being worn before Madonna and Billy Idol, but like any other fashion trend, as soon as celebrities started wearing them, they blew up. Billy Idol wore the style that celebs like Rihanna wear which were leather ones. Not too many people today wear the lace ones that Madonna was known to thoroughly enjoy. Fingerless gloves are outrageously in demand right now but some celebs still are swagga-jacking from the 80's. They are choosing to represent an era that many designers are choosing to re-invent from. Below: Rihanna, Que from day 26 and Madonna with Kanye and Amber Rose

One-shoulder dresses I believe never really went away in my opinion. I believe there have been times were they were just produced less. I love this style of dress, and I dont know why. I think the way it adds that sort of mis-balance or something. I have always loved the way this style brings more to a dress than a strapless dress would but adds a little bit of chic-ness to one than a whole piece would. Nancy Reagan wore a one-shoulder dress to the inauguration of her husband Ronald Reagan in 1981. It was designed by James Galans and was white and drenched in intricately-designed beads. So, although we are seeing one-shoulder dresses ALL over the place, they have been placed back as far (and even further) than the 80's. Below: First Lady Michelle Obama in Jason Wu, Beyonce on the cover of Marie Claire and actress Zoe Saldana.

Man, I never thought jean jackets would come back!! NOT that i had anything against them or what not but as we evolve in fashion, we learn that styles from the past, no matter how bad, will come back thanks to some designer. They learn how to take something from the past that was popular at the time and reinvent it in hopes that it will become popular once again. I don't see anything wrong with them coming back and I think that there are some denim jackets that are really cute, I just dont see myself really rockin one like that. It may just be because I dont really care to wear jackets. The denim jacket was a style of the 80's that parents down to the children wore. Levi was the biggest brand around at the time producing denim jackets and I get the feeling they will start again (if they havent) now that they are becoming more popular. Below: Rihanna/Christina Millian (image from, Joy Bryant and Kanye West

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