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OK! Plaid has been "back" for about 4 years if I had to roundabout guesstimate. I mean, designers have really been puttin their foot in it, along with casual retail shops to make sure this trend is still in full effect. I was NOT a fan of it a few years ago because all I really seen was the wrinkled, faded plaid "look" that was comin back. NOT feelin it. But in recent years (two to be precise) I have just fallen in love *aawww*. The styles they are puttin plaid on and the emergence of the feminine plaid has really caused this to stay in the lime light for the past several years. However, as you know- what we rockin now, has been rocked before. Most already know that the emergence of plaid (the american english word for tartan, which is what it was originally called) hailed from the good-ol' scots. They fashioned their kilts with the material along with the sash that drooped over them while wearing them. Tartan is 'cloth made with alternating stripes
and bands of color woven into or dyed onto fabric'. That is the jist of plaid. lol. Im keeping on the still hot list because I mean as you can see with Teyana Taylor, Rihanna (even tho that is an older pic of her, i jus LOOOVVVEEE that plaid jacket..o dear jesus), Beyonce and Megan Good it is still being worn. And we all know that celebs have to (even tho some of them dont) keep up with the trends and what is current at the times. I do not see this trend going anywhere immediately but I would not put it past a year and half tops! *im going to come back and look at this to see if im right, because this is jus MY opinion, could be wrong*. I do because although there has been more and more people wearing it, it HAS been around for a while. A good way to see if it is moving out or not, just go to the store and pick up fashion mags, or you can go to designers collections (i.e, we are in spring so you can look at their fall 2009 or spring 2010 collections) and see if plaid is still being used. Designers usually start their collections a year (at least) before it is to be released so if you are not seeing a lot of it, you might wanna start packin the plaid up. NOT saying this is a definite way but its a suggestion. The thing with trends is that, its just that- a trend. It does not stay around for super long unlike the basics such as woven shirts, jeans, skirts, flats, stillettos- they stay around because they are "generic", will be used continuously, just designed in different ways.

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