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Dean and Dan Caten are obviously twin brothers who run the brand DSquared2 ( they named it that for obvious reasons). They were born in Toronto in 1965 and are the youngest of 9 children. In 1991, they decided to move to Milan to take a crack at becoming fashion designers. They originally started out by creating their men's line in 1994 then moved on to women's apparel in 2003. They are known for having elaborate and celeb filled runway shows to add a touch of flare to their collection presentation- i.e Christina Aguilera closing out the 2005 show and Rihanna starting the Milan show in 2007. Since its presentation, the DSquared2 line has been gaining much noteriety in the celebrity world too as celebs such as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Nicholas Cage, Beyonce, and Madonna have taken a liking to their collections. Their line has been featured in Madonna's 2001 world tour, Britney's Circus Tour, Fergie's "Clumsy" video, and on AMerica's Next Top Model. In 2006, they were asked to design the Juventus football team uniforms and two years later started helping design for Marcolin's sunglass line which is set to be released this year. In 2007, DSquared2 flagship store was opened in Milan's fashion district (they have fashion districts EVERYWHERE it seems like, I have only been to the one in LA and it is just amazing!). In 2003, these two were awarded Breakout Designer Of The Year by GQ and just a few years ago
they were presented with the Golden Needle Award. This award have been given to some of the heavy hitters in the fashion industry such as Oscar de la Renta (just GORGEOUS gowns, love the collections, they are amazing), Jean Paul Gautier, Tom Ford (i think he is one of the legends that are so underpraised sometimes, not a huge name besides those who study fashion- he was once the creative director for Gucci), Manolo Blahnik (shoes are CRAZY, gotta love em- everytime I think of Carrie Bradshaw). But these guys did not just pop up on the fashion scene and get prestigious awards that some that have been around longer and received more noteriety than them have not received. It has taken long work, creative genius, trend specification while keeping a individuality which some designers fail to do. They present what is new and trendy but put their own spin on it in order to come across and stand out amongst many labels. I believe they are going to keep getting better and better because they seem to have a knack for blending trends into a realm that is suitable for a higher-end brand. They keep their designs fresh and youthful, while still maintaining that high-end sense (not just price, the look!) that a lot of designers are going for but falling short on. Dean and Dan are my designers of the day because 1) i love twins, 2) they are really starting to truly break out into the American markets even after being in the biz for about 20 years, 3) their styles are updating with the times, they are not getting lost in translation, 4) they have not lost their sense of originality in a profession formed on repeating the past. (pics from their fall 2008 and spring 2009 collection from this site out, its great!)

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