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I'm back with my semi-daily rant. I say its semi-daily because i just know im not going to do this EVERY day. But knowing me and my opinionated self, i just might. My rant today is not really a rant but just clarification. I just posted a blog on Jackie O and intend to do other fashion icons from the past as well as the present. I feel that it is necessary to not only look at celebrities, models and new designers of today but of the big names of the past. If you have lived under the fashion-disaster rock, then you might not know that fashion repeats itself. A lot of the things you see today, i GUARANTEE, have been showcased in the past in one shape or form. If its not the style, its the material, or the actual design pattern. It all comes back around. Not saying that the designers of today are not creative or refuse to think out of the box, they are smart enough to know that some like those looks of the past and many would like to see the updated version of them. If you know ONE designer who has not, please feel free to tell me. I will research it and if they have not COPIED, ALTERED A PAST FASHION, OR DRAWN INSPIRATION FROM A DESIGN OR STYLE OF THE PAST, then i will be more than happy to do a feature spotlight on them. And if that designer is YOU then I will do the same

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