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Ok, this brand should be familiar to some. I have seen their shoes before and I like them. I think the overall style of this brand is fairly consistent with the trends of today but the major reason I put this look up is because they are more affordable than the others I have posted. NOT SAYING that because they are cheaper they are ugly and cheap and all that other stuff. They do have nice shoes that are reasonably priced and trendy. The only problem with this brand is the fact that they are just that, nice shoes, trendy and well-priced. Nothing about them really make me say O MY GOD!! I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!! Do not get me wrong, I do like them but like I said, I love shoes that make my jaw drop when I look at them or are unlike the ones I can see on any girl walking down the mall. This is the brand for girls walking down the mall. And it is not bad because I do not believe that EVERY shoe needs to be just out of this world ridiculous. You must realize that not all shoes are suitable for work and they must be toned down to meet the professional atmosphere. These shoes are perfect for that. They are trendy while being good for a work place as well as a night out with the girls. I feel that there needs to be a balance in everyones closet because too much of one thing is never good. We have to change up and keep it moving because rocking the same look over and over, ya'll know how that is.

N.Y.L.A is said to be club-inspired and trend forward and catered towards junior shoe brand with the goal to provide the fastest fashion and look at a great price (amazon.com). These right here are the Isabel bootie with a 4 1/2 inch heel- IM IN LOVE. I thought these were extremely cute and it didnt hurt that I seen a pair of these in the store and wanted them o so badly but they didnt have my size. You know how deeply that cuts into your soul. They were on sale I believe at Amazon.com for $109.95 or it was their retail price- either way, you win, they are not expensive.

This style of N.Y.L.A shoe is called the Shika pump. I have a pair resembling this in charcoal and one in snakeskin and I just LOVE them! I get, well got-i only wore them both once, a lot of compliments on them and I think you would do the same if copped this pair. It too was on Amazon for $104.95 which is more than I paid for my other two but it is still not bad. Especially when they look just like the ones that can run you about $200! So Im savin you guys some money!!

These are Aspen boots by N.Y.L.A and I just think they are so cute. Although boot season is, and has been, over--(well, the ankle boots are still coo) it just lets you know that they have a variety of cute styles for each season. I really think that you guys should try to look at this brand and check it out because they are rather affordable, saving you some money to go out with them in-->how beautiful is that?!?!

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