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"Hollywood's Hottest New Designer" was the label given to this designer by InTouch magazine. CC Skye's ever-growing line is based in L.A negating the idea that to make it "big" you must be in NY (not to say that it is entirely false..unless you have been living under that o-so-popular fashion disaster rock most people know NY is the best place to be). CC Skye was nominated for the Best New Accessory Designer by Gen Art and by looking at her designs I can see why. Although her online site is basically restricted to "regular" people like us, if you go to other sites like Zappos and Revolve Clothing and many, many other sites you can find some samples of her work. She first began by designing clothing and jewelry in the back streets while studying abroad in Nepal. She went back to work as an associate producer at MTV Networks and profiled the lives of fashion designers for the Style Network of E!. This girl seems to have made her way all over which is good. I think to be well-rounded and know the industry before setting off to do your own venture is important because not only does it allow you to network, get a feel of the industry and gain some knowledge of the field you are interested in, it allows you to know if it is even what you want to do! I think the reason I like her stuff is that it is so different from what I usually see in the store or would LIKE to see more of in the store. I wish I could post a 100 pics (well I could I just dont really want to) of her jewelry to showcase. Her line is NOT the cheapest tho. I am going to throw that out now! I mean most of her stuff is between $90-$300 for her things but if you dont want your gold turning and trying to pass it off as the "antique" look or one of your stones falling out, then you may want to just spend the extra money (if you have it) and go with CC.

This studio 54 cuff will run you about $220 if you choose to wanna take a leap out on the wild side and spend a couple hundred on a cuff. I think its really cute and know that it will be made well so I understand if you are privileged enough to go buy one. I found this on quite a few of the sites and some will offer you it a little less than the retail price for it.

This is a vintage-inspired cocktail ring that retails at about $175. I personally love this ring! I mean, big, gaudy rings aren't for everyone and it is not only because it is in-style right now. I just like the fact that it just makes me wanna dress up..ok maybe its just me! I love the fact that CC tends to blend gold into her works because gold has taken a step down to silver or "platinum" and it is good to see that people are trying to bring it back.

Ok, this is deco cuff, to me, is amazing. It will run you about $225 but if anyone can tell me where to find ANYTHING that looks like this under $20 TELL ME!! lol.. I have been looking for accessories that are out of the ordianary, going to make people stop and ask where I got it from and it has been to no avail. Yes, it is kind of expensive but I think it is worth it if you have the means to pay for it. This is extremely unique and can be guaranteed not to be seen on anyone else in like 40 mile radius. Unless you are like the unluckiest person on earth, lol.

These safety-pin earrings are $115 and are super cute. I have seen things like this at Claire's and Icing for about $16 or so and their things tend to be pretty ok made so if these are not the price range for you then I suggest trying there first. But like I said, gold will turn on you faster than a drug-addict lookin for a fix so I will strongly encourage, strongly, to just invest a little more money into getting something that will last. (i need to take my own advice). But I would suggest getting a pair that are a tad more casual and could be worn multiple times.

Nikki Hilton, Eva Mendes and that one girl, I just cant remember her name..o well.. wearing one her one stone bracelets. Nicole Ritchie and Fergie are also a fan of CC's bracelets. Other celebs include: Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Adrienne Bailon, Rihanna, Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff and many others that I dont care to name.

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