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Ok, ok, ok..FIRST, do not get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Herve Leger dresses. I think these dresses are some of the sexiest, but classy (even though some can be a tad short) ones that are around. They have been worn by some of the top celebrities around. They are made to contour to the shapes of women and create this coke-bottle shape that (lets face it) most women want. Even though they look the best on those women who are naturally curvy, they still look great on petite women too. The are made of Lycra and Spandex that is supposed to create this tight, form-fitting look which gives shape to even some of the skinniest out there.

HOWEVER!!! I feel that this designer has had SO much success that he is even gettin played out. I mean, it is not that the styles are fading or anything like that because if you go to his site and look at his 2009 spring collection ( it is AMAZING!! the looks are wonderful. But the fact that the same material is used and the banded-ness (if thats a word) is so synonamous with Herve Leger, it appears to played because you see it EVERYWHERE and in turn can look to be from a previous collection or from a couple years back even if it was JUST designed. What has made him so popular and the dress so loved, can also be the reason that it appears that EVERYONE is wearing the same thing!! And that is just what happen @ the Maxim HOT 100 party last night (images from with model Jamie Gunns and Gabriel Union.

I dont want anyone to think that I do not like these dresses or that they are going anywhere soon. This is MY OPINION! I just feel that because these dresses are made with the same material creating a similar design, it just looks like these dresses could be from yesterday or from more than two years ago (as with those pictured below beyonce-they are from check this blog out..its very well done. *beyonce is from last year*). I believe that the similarity look of them make them look played. Even though many may disagree. So for this im putting Herve Leger in the played out department.

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