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OK, there wont be much blogging goin on today. I have a busy day ahead of me and wont be near my computer. My rant for the day is to people who do not let other people be themselves!! I hate, hate, HATE when people are quick to impose their standards,their perceptions of beauty and taste onto others. Yes, I know this is a fashion blog and I am tryin to get into the fashion world. I know! But if people do not want to conform to the trends of the time or want to even attempt to step out of the box and try something new, then they DONT. Im not forcing ANYONE to try any of what I have and tend to put up on my site, I am just letting them know what is out there and what looks are in. I really feel that everyone has their own style (i.e Mary Kate and Ashley, Zoe K.) and people need to realize it. I rather have someone look terrible and feel comfortable in their own skin than to conform to trends and completely lose themselves! Its hard and judgmental world and the fashion industry is among the top of it. Im not saying I have not made judgments about others and the fact that they have heels that are leanin to the side, they dress would look better plastered on an elephant, their shirt appears to be from their grandmothers "precious collections" and for some reason they thought a side ponytail would be cute. I think this everytime I go out to the club, ESPECIALLY when Im bored. But I need to stop that because maybe they didnt have money or time, or maybe they are just trying to keep up with the jones' and failing. O well, we must respect everyone's choice to be an individual because their is no greater love than the love you have for yourself. I say that because you can never love someone else, truly love that person, until you love who YOU are.

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