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Report Signature, for some reason like the others, is a hard brand to try much information on- UGH!! I found close to nothing on the background on these shoes and it frustrates me. I mean, I know most don't care but I would like to bring forth @ least who is in charge of design, where they got their start, when they got it and if they have showrooms or actual stores. If you go on their site http://www.reportsignature.com/ you can find their contact information and I guess ask the questions (if you care) or find out where some stores that carry the brand are located near you. And if you design, they do have a section about wanting to work for the corporation where they are looking for shoe designers so if you are serious about it, you can go check out their page. In the meantime, you can check out more styles from this brand on their site as well as other sites such as Zappos, Amazon and Heels.com. Below featured are a few that I thought were pretty cute. What I like about this brand is about the same from what I liked about Pour La Victoire. They bring you sexy, classy shoes while keeping them chic and able to be conformed to different types of environments.

Below, clockwise: Lucie Sandal (retails for $180) and comes in white and black. I chose the multi-color because I just like shoes that are different and going to stand out and who can tell me these wouldn't? 2) Newbury that retails at about $179, making them a tad cheaper than Pour La Victoire shoes if they are too expensive. These can be worn in a variety of social situations because its neutral tone and sophisticated style. 3) These heels were published in Elle mag in Jan.2009 edition. From what I understand they will not be put out into production 4) Masonic heel is retailing for about $250. I would not advise trying to bust these out at work or in a business enviornment, they are a bit too flashy like the Lucie heels. But I just think they are perfect for a date or girls night out