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Rihanna was born Robyn Fenty on February 20, 1988. She was born in Saint Michael, Barbados but moved to the U.S at the age of 16 to pursue her music career (which we all can see really paid off). She was signed to Def Jam Records after auditioning for Jay Z and Evan Rogers became her first producer. Rihanna has opted to set herself apart from other singers in the music industry by choosing to stick to her own sense of style which usually is dripping with designer names. Her keen since of style and fashion choices has landed the, then 20 year old, on People's 10 Best Dressed Stars list in 2008. This year, Glamour magazine labeled her the 17th most glamorous woman of 2009. This meant she beat out 33 other glamorous starlets for the spot! To me, that is pretty impressive for a 21 year old to do, especially seeing that younger stars in the industry try to go for the sexy-to-the-point-of-slutty look in order to gain attention. Very rarely do you see Rih-Rih in a see through top, skirt up to her buttcheeks or garments such as those lol. If you take a look at her photos over the years, you really not only see this young girl mature into a beautiful young adult, but her style has been the most prominent. She started off with the shorter skirts, long brown weave and mid-driff tops (ugh..i just never liked them, but that is me personally) and really came into a short-do, designer rocking, fab chick. I was hesitant about doing Rih Rih because she is so synonomous with style and thought it would be kind of cliche but i dont care, i heart her. It is so hard to define Rih-Rih's style because it is always changing, better yet evolving. As soon as you fall in love with one look from her, she just takes it to a whole other level that most people dont even understand! I love the versatility she shows and is not afraid to be bold and do something unconventional (we ALLLL seen that Tuexedo she wore to the Met comment). She can take a hoodie, skinny leg jeans and basic pair of pumps and rock it so hard but when you see someone else do it-->> NO! She just has that je ne sais que! Looks she has pulled off and completely shattered would not look good on anyone else but her. This is why she is one of my fashionistas, because she is doing this at such a young age. Most of those getting praised for their looks are in their later 20s to early 30s but she just turned 21 and is being invited to Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana premieres and parties. I dont know about you guys but that is just CRAZY to me. I really think Rihanna can do no wrong but that is for everyone else to decide. Some love her look, some hate it (i know! who are these people? lol) but their is one thing for sure, if music gives up on her, I know the fashion world will greet her with open arms.

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Stefanie said...

you already know! i absolutely love this girl. a fashionista sets the trends and embodies their own sense of fashion. its inevitable tht some will hate it.