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I looked and looked and looked but I found very little on this brand. It is relatively new being that it was founded in 2007 by Shawn Kaleka and Shaun Samsun. I wanted to find information on this line because I think that it is extremely different and unique. They hand-stitch each pair and are very limited in supply meaning once they are gone, they are gone. A lot of people like this, especially those who have a flair for uniqueness, because they don't have to go out and wonder if someone is going to have their stuff on. DO NOT ACT like you don't be in line at your favorite club and pray another female aint got on your same dress (even in a different color), shoes (even in a different color) or even hairstyle (even in a different color, lol). This brand completely shatters the idea that leggings are part of the outfit, that they are just a compliment. NO, these TAKE OVER and reinforces the idea that every aspect of your clothing must stand out, there is no "just throw something leggings on cuz the skirt or shirt is too short to stand as a dress alone" concept. I am NOT a fan of girls wearing leggings as pants but I swear that these have be within inches of retracting that notion, lol, because they are so cute. But beware, the leggings trend is slowly coming to a halt so people, if you love some leggings, CHECK THESE OUT before your chance to rock them is over!!! Most of them can be bought for $33 on their website http://www.costumedept.com/ or on various other sites that carry the brand. They are really popular at the store Revolve Clothing in LA and, in fact, the creators recently launched their latest collection at the popular store. For a list of places they can be found at check out the company's stocklist @ http://costumedept.com/stocklist and find an area closet to you.

This design right here is the one that caught my attention to the brand. I thought that they were OUTRAGEOUS because I mean, I have never seen any leggings like this before. However, at the same time I just thought that they were so cute and different and I just love things that are different and not so typical and could be found anywhere. These are called Virtual Reality and they are part of the ones that are $33.

These are called Pianno lesson and run for $79. Yes, they are one of the more expensive leggings of the bunch but the fact that they are so unique and cute would make them worth it to legging enthusiast and yes there are plenty of them. Some girls love the fact that they look and feel like pants without the idea of actually being in jeans which, lets face it, if they are not made very well can become uncomfortable if worn too long. With leggings you do not really have to worry about that feeling because they conform to your body type.

These are called California Sunset and will run you only $33. I would hope at these prices you would not have to worry about holes appearing or shrinking or getting that linty look after being washed multiple times, do not act like you guys dont know what I am talking about. NOW, we must all remember that leggings only look cute on certain body types! You cant be toooo hefty and want to get into leggings and feel like they are looking good on you. And that is even with just ordinary black leggings! The fact that these are so outrageous and very attention-getting, you may not want to draw too much attention to your lower region if it could easily be mistaken for water-buffalo legs ok people? And I say that with love!

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