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Ok, the thing that is buggin me today is the fact that people think that just because something is "name brand" or expensive, it automatically becomes "cute". I do not understand when people get this idea that the more expensive it gets, the more aesthetically pleasing it gets. I mean, I understand that people like different things and it may just be expensive. I also know that there are plenty of items that are outrageously priced that if I had the money I would buy. At the same time, are we lustin after these items because of what they represent-financial security, status? Or do we look at them and want them because we generally like them and want it because, face it, more expensive things tend to be made better? If you answered yes to question one, then this rant is for you. Lets look at ourselves and see why we need these things and why it is soooo important to have name brand things. And Im not just talkin bout RocaWear, AppleBottoms, BabyPhat or any other urban brands (and if you are over 22 and stick to wearin these labels..that is a WHOLE other rant for YOU! lets step our game up a little bit), but LV, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Armani, blah blah blah! There are individuals who only buy name brand because they are just that and there are those who think that being made by a certain designer just gives it the green light to be cute. Let me clear this up now, that mentality is just bizarre to me. I believe if you have it, go head and get it. If you have it and you want it solely to try and "flaunt" then there is really something wrong, deeper than skin but it is borderline becoming mental. What approval are you seeking? What need is only being fulfilled by a $1,000 price tag? Humm... well, i shall digress

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