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ok, ok, ok.. who seen this coming? I am not feeling the shoulder pad movement at all..didn't like it back in the day, don't like it now. It should've died, burned in hell and stayed there but I am seeing it everywhere. I guess. Ok, history behind the shoulder pads- in the 80's, fashion in pop culture intertwined distinct trends from different eras. The masculine-influenced fashion trend that represented the 80's was the wide use of *ugh* shoulder pads for women's clothing. Although the trend was widely associated with the 80's, it had been being used since the 1930's (yeah, who knew?). It was originally popular with women of the 30's when fashion designer Elsa Schicaparelli included them in her designs of 1931. Shoulder pads=power dressing and bestowing perception of status and position onto those who wore them. NOW, I am doing my thing and reporting *lol* on trends that are coming back because like I said, and many people know, fashion repeats itself. I find it interesting when I see styles being brought back because these are the same things that we found disgusting that our parents wore. Well, at least I did! (Dolce&Gabbana 09 Collection pictured above right)
(pictured below: Marc Jacobs model, Ciara and Rihanna and Beyonce in Balmain courtesy of theybf (King of bringin back the shoulder pad movement) )

I did not really find much info on this growing trend. What i did find closest to it was info on parachute pants which is largely associated with MC HAMMER pants but are not the same thing. Parachute pants look like snowboarding pants (its the closest thing I can think of), but MC HAMMER was said to wear "parachute pants" but they were so much baggier and made of a completely different material. Hammer pants more closely resembled genie pants, not material wise but in regards to the shape and style- baggy in the middle and tight fitting around the ankles. I don't know what he was thinking but for whatever reason, it worked. I dream of Jeannie is what we best know genie pants from and this sitcom came out during the 60's. So Genie pants I am assuming were popular (for sitcom purposes) around that time and may have been manufactured around this time period or slightly before then. I would not classify this too much as a "trend" in the 60's but the inspiration from them coming forth by designers today are slowly making this look into one. I personally do not see anything wrong with them. I mean, its like when you see something YOU wouldn't wear but you could see it cute on someone else. I like the look on other people but it would not be something I think I would rock. But the looks that are transpiring are becoming more and more prevalent in the fashion world. (below, Ralph Lauren runway show, Eva Marcille and Lance Gross)

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