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Ok, I have been keeping my mouth shut on the subject but my lips cannot help but to part NOW!! Today I am touching on the subject of "knock-offs", ok, to those who do not know- a knock off is an imitation of another highly popularized brand (i.e- Coach, Fendi, LV, Prada,Gucci- blah, blah, blah). I was watching an episode of Sex in the City last night and it was about Samantha buying this knock-off Fendi purse while they were vacationing in L.A (ok, sidenote- i love sex in the city now and cant wait til the next movie comes out). This got me thinking, why would Samantha need to buy a fake purse, she seemed to have enough money to buy a real one. Then that was IT! SEEMED! This was probably because first, she was white, lived in NY, had "rendevous's" with successful men and all that other stuff. That led to me to notice that when we are walking down the street or in the mall, why do we not question if a purse is real if it is hanging off a white woman's arm, but soon as a minority has one on, we automatically assume it is a fake? Maybe its just ME (but I know its not). But that isnt even the real subject of my rant because I believe that it not ONLY is race but HOW you wear the purse. I am not against knock-offs *fake it til you make it girl* because i have one. But in certain situations I NEVER wear it such as- i go to a high end mall (pass a LV store or Gucci store with a fake, they WILL notice it and probably talk mess), go to a highly populated place (i.e-the amusement park or club- someone MAY think its real and try and get me but mainly because it will be a WHOLE zoo of people with knock-offs too) or when I'm running common errands. I mean, I see women with all kinds of designer purses with head-wraps on, broke-down slippers with crusted ankles, torn t-shirts, too-tight- heavily worn jeans with a tear that is NOT part of the design, WHO ARE YOU FOOLING?? MY GOD, it comes down to presentation! If you are going to rock a purse that is an imitation of a $2,000 one, PLEASE look like you can afford it because if you dont, that is like the first clue its not real. Im sorry but it is the truth. I do not wear my knock-off to run to do menial errands because I do not look my best and know that no one will believe me! I do have a small LV purse that is real (its old though) that I wear whenever because I know its real so I dont trip. The point of my rant is not to shun knock-offs, it is to educate those who choose to wear them on HOW to wear them. I do not care if you say it dont matter, YES IT DOES because you would NOT have ran out to buy that imitation knowing their is hundreds of stores that carry cute, non-designer purses. That is why we dont question white women- its not only a mental thing saying that white women can afford it (which I wouldnt be surprised if half of their's was fake) but its that if we do see them they are dressed like they could. NOT SAYING ALL MINORITIES DONT LOOK THE PART- I, ME, MYSELF, PERSONALLY, have witnessed a lot that didnt and that is just my rant for the day

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