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My girl hit me on twitter to do a post on earring necklaces. I had already knew what she was talkin bout soon as I read it because I had seen them for the first time ever (along with most of the free world) on Rihanna at the beginning of this month on theybf.com (my favorite gossip site!). I saw them, liked them but did not think much of them until I really started to research them for this post. These are called "earlaces" because they are an earring and a necklace.

I liked these earrings (not the rest of the outfit, rih rih was slippin! even tho I still had her as
one of my fashionistas) but I had ALREADY knew that they were not going to be liked by everyone. And I was right. A lot of sites have put this look down *along with her outfit* and, when reading the responses, saw that many everyday people were not feeling it either. I think these earrings are so different its ridiculous and that is what I look for, something that you are not going to see walking down every street corner. If it were like that, then what would be the purpose of doing this? I understand that not everyone is going to jump on the look, but regarding it as gawdy or just plain ugly is jumping the gun as well. The thing that people need to know about fashion is that just because YOU would not wear it does not make it ugly. There are plenty of things that top designers put out *as I look through their runway collections* that I do not particularly care for, but to say they are ugly just because I do not care for them is ignorant. It is about being original and standing out from the say, 20,000 other designers trying to make it in the SAME field.

Now, I digress. These earrings had the entire fashion world hunting down the designer because this look, according to Marie Claire has "never been seen before in the world of accessories". And she has been found! She is a designer by the name of Dechel Mckillion and is based out of L.A. I found her, FINALLY (I was looking for 30 min on these earrings) on Rihannadaily.com and saw that she has her own site called spacelitevintage.com where you can purchase a pair for $60 which is not bad. Above are the pictures of the designer wearing the designs herself. There really is not much information on this designer at all, my apologies, but I am definately putting her on my designer watch list just in case she springs up. I would def be careful rockin these though because one good tug or club fight can completely destroy your earlobes, so these are NOT for those fight club type girls (stef, Im lookin at you sideways because you almost there! lol).

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dequese said...

Uhhhh, I can just see my niece pulling and me bleeding all over the place.

mizzeboni said...

LOL!!!! MINE TOO!! she is one and she LOVES to snatch

Stefanie said...

I love you heffer! She was talkin bout me in the beginning! I was the inspiration yes I stefdiva! 60 bucks isn't bad ima have to cop this.

mizzeboni said...

ooo my stef-jeff!! YES, you are the reason behind this WHOLE post..lol.. im glad u did tho cuz im REALLY thinkin about coppin em because ummm NO ONE will have those on!!

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