Im going to stop posting here just for a while because im overloaded at school. I am only takin two classes but it feels like 5 since I am in summer school and everything moves so much faster. I WILL BE BACK!! LOL.. It is just kind of hard to update regularly because I dont just throw things out there, I do a LOT of research on designers, their shows, pictures, trends, fashions coming back from the past, fashionistas (and their back-stories, if that makes sense). It takes a lot of time, I am telling you!! I am going to continue posting the day I step out of finals for this term which will be in the beginning of July.. HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN!! And thanks to those who comment on my twitter page, I really appreciate it. It is not goodbye, its so long just for now.


I believe that everyone should try to mix it up once and a while, get out of that bad habit of being conformed to the same "style". That is a place that I am trying to get out of. By that I mean, I love love love me some jeans, to DEATH. I stay in some skinny legs but I would not say I have a "style" but others may. By this I mean that I feel that I do not consider myself a "dress up" type of chick but some others do, I do not consider myself a "laid back" chick but I do love me some basic and screen tees, I do not consider myself to be a "dress rockin" chick but i do have quite a few dresses. The point I am getting at is that although I do love certain things, I try to change up what I usually wear. The pic above is this outfit I "created" lol, right before church. I seen the skirt while I was out trying to look for a dresser, dont ask how I ended up with the skirt, lol. It was only $12 and I took one look at it and fell in love. It was so cute and different, it was something that I hadnt seen in stores or anything so i just had to get it. Wearing skirts is somewhat out of my element but the moral of this post is keeping an open mind to different things. I paired it with a basic black tee so attention would be centered on the skirt. It was longer then I preferred so I raised it up in a high-waist form and put a belt around it to add a little bit to it and define my waist. I paired it with black heels and went on about my business. The thing I am trying to get at is come out of your comfort zone. Do not be bound to the same routine of putting on clothes that are basically undecipherable from one another. BREAK OUT NOW!! Do it before you get too comfortable in the same things so that when you are ready to get out its not so uncomfortable.


Alexander McQueen was born in 1969 on the East end of London with the name Lee Alexander McQueen. He left school at the young age of 16 and decided, instead, to become an apprentice as a tailor for Anderson and Sheppard. In 1994, he decided to apply to one of London's most prestigious fashion schools called Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design. He was admitted and worked as a patterncutter. He recieved his masters in Fashion design and designed a whole collection for his graduation which was entirely purchased by a fashion stylists named Isabella Blow
Some of his accomplishments included being one of the youngest designers to win the title of "British Designer of the Year" which he actually won 4 different times from 1996 to 2003. Along with that, he was named International designer of the year at the Council of Fashion Designer Awards. McQueen has lasted ten years as a solo designer which is an accomplishment in itself but to do this and remain at the top of the fashion industry is even more of a feat. He was brought into the Gucci group which bought 51% in his company several years ago. Just last year he was not only turning a good size profit but opened a new chain of stores. By the end of the year he had boutiques in L.A, N.Y, London, Milan and Vegas.

I think I am going to give him the award for the most creative designs. They are completely gorgeous and out of the ordinary which automatically catches my attention. McQueen is awesome at giving us looks that no one else is thinking of and making them fashion forward at the same time. I completely was drawn to the way he mixed colors and patterns together in such an outrageous way, but somehow makes them appear so subtle. They are not so out there that it completely throws you off and really want to wonder wtf was he did not need to say that! McQueen is a designer I am definately going to keep an eye out on because if he continues on this path I truly believe that he has a shot of really being a true powerhouse in the fashion world.

The trend that is coming in full force on the red capret and the runway is jumpers. YES! But not the ones your mother forced you to wear against your will (or am I the only one?) umm.. But i digress. The trend that is being seen right now are jumpers on the runways of major design icons right now for their fall collection. I am in between on the look right now because I have seen some amazing ones (Ralph Lauren) and some not so amazing ones (about 3 of the ones in the pic above but I will not say which). They are making their way on the bodies on some of the top celebs and are catching on like wildfire. I am definately putting this on the trend alert list. I was looking on sites to see where you could find some in local stores, but I havent found much of anything right now so I am going to keep searching. Be on the lookout.

In 1945, french designer Pierre Balmain launched his house as he was one of the top design giants in the fashion industry alongside Christian Dior and Cristobal Balenciaga. They were all in part responsible for launching a whole new concept for haute couture dresses after the second world war. Balmain's designs, especially his elegant evening gowns, were loved by European royalty and those in Hollywood as well which showed his extensive scope around the globe. Balmain died in 1982 shifting his executive assistant Erik Mortensen to head of the house until 1990. Two years later, fashion icon Oscar de la Renta joined the house founded by Balmain. The years that Oscar de la Renta did head it, financial complications fell upon the house (2002-2004) and was eventually forced into bankruptcy.

However, in 2005, investors seeing great potential in the company revived it and sought designer Christophe Decarnin to help the line out. Decarnin took the once elegant, classical gowns and traditional dress and turned the house into a chic, body-tight, slits-thigh-high fashion forward powerhouse. Sales have been said to have doubled since the house took on Christophe as one of their main designers. Their clothes are rather expensive though. A tee shirt can cost $3000, dresses will run you from $12 to $22,000 and jackets are going for $5,000 a pop. They are in the process of expanding the company by adding staff, a man's line and conjucturing with shoe GOD Giuseppe Zanotti to create a shoe line as well.

I am just crazy about Decarnin's creations because they are soo extremely beautiful and sexy while still maintaining this air of being classy. There were very few outfits from his spring collection for this year (the pics around are from and are from his spring collection) that I did not drool over. I swear, if I could find one of these dresses for a price I could actually afford I would just lose my MIND! I am in love! And if that shoe collection comes out--> Im going to need to be recessitated! No lie! I feel that Decarnin has really brought that edge to the line that brings the ability for the young, hot hollywood divas to be able to relate to and shop through. It gives a new look to the line that still builds on the Pierre Balmain's vision for his company while moving with the changing trends and times.

This look that we are scoping out today is coming from Matthew Williamson's Spring 09 ready-to-wear collection. This trench coat is being doubled as a dress by Rihanna below and worn as purposed by Beyonce below (not that rockin it as a dress is wrong- i love it). Bey is pairing it with Gucci heels and Rih Rih is rockin her dress with some reptile inspired jewelry. I am really feeling Rihanna in the coat as she is wearing it as a dress a tad bit better than Bey, sorry. Even though Bey is rockin it closer to the version on the runway, I applaud Rih for really making it her own. In the first post of mine from straight from the runway, I said that there is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from the runway (as long as the WHOLE outfit was not the inspiration) but doing something to make it your own is applaudible. To me, it just makes so much more of a statement than Bey wearing it over other article of clothing because it makes you focus on the WHOLE outfit instead of just the coat. Again, nothing wrong with that, but when focusing solely on the coat, I feel that Rihanna just did a better job. But you can be the judge of that..


Leather jackets have often been associated wiht bikers, military aviators, punk rock stars and wannabes, the goth groups and of course, our beloved, 5-0 (police). They have been around and produced for quite some time but they gained substantial recognition in the 20th century largely due to the movie world indulging their main characters in them. For example: Marlon Brando playing the character Johnny Strabler in the Wild One which came out in 1953; The Avengers (1983) and "The Fonz" character in the wildly popular tv series "Happy Days" which ran during the 70s and 80s but depicted the lives of people living in the 50s and 60s. Most leather jackets are made in Italy. Those that were produced for aviators and those in the military were brown and called "bomber jackets" which were seen on the Hollywood stars in the 40s and 50s. This trend is coming back, well, technically it has came back. Stores have been putting leather jackets in their stores around summer time, moving in to fall. Leather jackets have been making their way on the stars of this era as well and on the runways of some of our favorite designers. Many ladies are beginning to wear them over dresses to go out in or pairing a cropped version with skinny jeans and heels. Men are wearing leather jackets but they have actually been wearing them for longer than the female leather jacket trend has been back in action. I love the look if it is paired up right because it is perfect for goin out on a cool night with something on your arms while still staying completely chic and styled.

The ankle boot has been through many time periods, never really falling off but being evolved more than anything. And the evolved version of the ankle boot is what we most closely relate to what we call "booties" today (the short, heeled boot which may be open or closed toe). In the 18th century, the softer boots were replaced with cowhide ones that made the boot extremely stiff. Foot soldiers wore those that were cheaper that had side buttons. By the middle of the 19th century, shoes were now mass produces so this made then more readily available to consumers. By the 20th century men were still wearing ankle boots while women wore what they generally are still wearing today which were high or lower heeled, platform and wedge shoes. So the ankle boot has come a looongg way, even though we more generally see the lower, more fashionably modified version of it today.


I know this movie is so old but I just loved it, isnt that every girls fantasy? Live a life of prostitution and so happen to be the lucky one that gets swept off her feet by a rich, successful business man. Dreams really do come true. LOL, let me stop! Ok, I have seen so many thigh high boots on the gossip sites on celebs and on the runways so I had to post a trend alert. I use to want some of these when I first seen Pretty Woman I wanted a pair sooo bad, (not when it first came out, because I believe it came out in 1990) but my mom would get me a pair! I know I was only about 8 I think, but that is NO EXCUSE LOL. Well, moving on, as I said this trend is becoming more and more prevalent on the runways with designers decking their models out in them. It may be because they are moving into the fall season, but i doubt that is the ONLY reason. Its been almost 20 years since the dawn of Pretty Woman and her "hooker" boots but they are slowly making their way back on the scene of things. I dont know if the general population has lost that stipulation behind these boots as being "prostitut-ish" ( i am very aware that it is not a word) so I do not know how well this will sit or if everyone will latch on to this look. I personally like it for certain situations and by this I mean that they look good with certain looks. They are definatly NSFW (not suitable for work) if you work in a professional, upscale environment. I feel that they are too fly and flashy to be walking around and into office meetings with. If you do not know how to pinpoint which looks go best with these boots, then just look at how some (and emphasis on SOME because lady gaga, ummmmmm, let me leave that alone. The pic is definately for demonstrative purposes.) celebs are wearing them or how they are paired with outfits on the runway. But be reminded that not ALL the looks are appropriate for everyday wear. Runways are still a production so some things are definately exaggerated and not meant for everyday wear so be careful. I am putting this on a trend list because designers (whether we want to admit it or not) create the trends, not necessarily celebs like most believe and since they are sashay-ing down the runway in thigh highs, they may just be the new fall trend.

What did I JUST say, this look is tryin to become a trend!! My beloved Rihanna was spotted at the Laker game last night rockin a set of Converse sneaker heels. I still am NOT feelin them. Im sorry, I dont care who in the world is rockin them. Rihanna is lookin just o so gorgeous as always but I scrolled to them shoes and nearly fell out my chair! My god! I mean, everyone is going to have their likes and dislikes in every area of fashion, and that is what makes it wonderful. It fosters that determination for designers to keep coming up with new or a twist on old things in order to try and cater to everyone. If you are feeling them, and I know some chicks who do, then that is great and all that good stuff. I still have my side eye to them, but as for now, I am keeping them on the trend list.


This is just ridiculous!! We all remember the ones that came out, my god, when was it? I believe 04-05, something like that. You know, the supposed to be air force heels? Yall remember! lol. Now, designers have actually been using these in their shows within the last year and a half. Now, Im reading in my beloved Elle magazine that they may be a new, dare i say, *shudders* trend! Now, Im NOT feelin these at all. I do not think I am jumping on this trend right now or ever. Unless the greatest designer in the whole free world creates one that is just shockingly amazing- 4 inch heel, skinny, and my fave colors NOT lookin like the ones on this page, I will not be ridin on this train at ALL. I am not feeling this look at all and I am not sure if its just the ones on this page or that Ive been seeing it. Maybe if some real well-rounded shoe designers get together and put something together in this same format, lol, I may look into this but for right now, they are on my "no" list.

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Zac Posen was born on October 24, 1980, do the math, he is all of 29 years old which is relatively young to be quite an established designer. He is actually an American designer (those are very rare to find) and emerged as one of fashions newest stars in 2002. This was the year that his captivatingly feminine dresses first made their way onto New York's runway. Even in his early years Posen earned complimentary critiques of his work on the pages of high-fashion magazine Vogue and other well-read magazines as well. He has been hailed as the fashion design's newest prodigy as well as the one who could save American fashion from the ever-slumping sales it had been receiving over the past decade. He is a native New Yorker whose entry into the fashion arena had been pushed along through connections with well-known people in the worlds of art and film. While he was in high school he had always been good in math but was always drawn to visual arts. He had designed the costumes for school plays and continued to create, for himself, unusual outfits by way of thrift stores and other little shops to take home and put the "finishing touches" on. When he was 15 he landed his first design commission and around 1996 he landed an internship at the prestigious Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York. In 2004 he teamed up with Diddy (YES! THAT DIDDY!) for a different business venture. Diddy decided to invest money (how much is undisclosed) into Posen's company which many saw as a wise move for Posen. It is very evident that Diddy has many connections with different markets and this could help take Posen's ever-rising company to an even higher level.

Ok, enough of that, lol. I just love his collections I mean REALLY. The pictures that I am showing are JUST from his Spring 09 collection and there were more but I did not want to use up a whole page showing them so if you would like to look at more go to and that is where I got these pictures from. It is an awesome site and if you cant find a designer on there then I do not know what to tell you! I love the softness and very feminine qualities all his pieces from this collection consisted of. Im not going to say I loved EVERY piece but I will say it was about 95% for real. The thing I really like was the fact that, hope this does not come off badly, it looks like things we could possibly find in regular low-cost retail stores. Not saying it looks cheap or anything because you can clearly
see the quality. What I am getting at is the fact that some of the looks could be closely matched to something you could go pick up right out of a store if you could not afford one of his pieces. It reaches out to those, like me, who cannot afford this type of clothing but LOOOVEE it. It does not go so high-end that we, the "commoners" *lol*, would not dream of wearing it because it looks, do I dare say, grandma-ish (cough, Chanel, cough). For this, I am putting Zac Posen on my designers to watch list because I believe he has so much potential to really be a powerhouse in the fashion world if he keeps up what he has been doing.


Basso & Brooke is a design label that was started by Bruno Basso (brazilian) and Christopher Brooke (British). In 2004, they were the inaugural winners of Fashion Fringe which is an award given out in a UK talent competition which searches for the next big thing in that regions fashion. Basso and Brooke met while they were both a nightclub (I wish I could meet someone in a nightclub that drives my career to an all-time high..umm) and launched their company in 2003. They scored a production and distribution deal with Aeffe and joined London Fashion Week the following year. They are known for their theatrical ready to wear by their defying proportions and wild graphics. Their celebrity clientale includes: Beyonce and Rihanna and they have gone into different endeavors such as shoes and handbags.

I am in love with their spring collection for this year. It is an amazing showcase of the talent that both of these designers bring to the industry. I am really feelin the preview of their fall collection of this year as well. I feel that these two designers are some of the most creative in the industry right now. They are consistent throughout their collections from the past couple years (that is as far as I looked lol) with keeping up with the trends but adding their own twists to them. I just love the way they present the spring collection (pics in this post of the spring 09 collection) as it should be. I mean the fresh colors and light materials clearly indicate which season it is supposed to be for. I have looked through collections of several others and, no offense, I cannot tell if it is for spring or fall/winter collections, REALLY! No, they are not very established designers but they should at least still know to make it decipherable. But I digress, I feel that this line is very eclectic while still remaining fashion forward. It is almost like they dont even TRY to make it good, it just is. But you can be the judge for yourselves. I believe that many will like it because they inspire a wide range of taste and
try to blend it all into a single body of work. Enjoy.