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Khloe Kardashian was spotted wearing the Alexander Wang dress (from the Pre-Fall 2009 Collection) to a Simon G. Fashion Party. LaLa wore (like I said in the previous post) to the Taking of Pelham 123 premiere last night. They both looked amazing but I have to say, Im lovin it a tad more on Khloe, dont hate me!!! I just wish her and Lala switched shoes and then I would wish I could just wrap Khloe in a blanket and kidnap her for the outfit!!!
Like I said before, it is difficult to say that they jacked it from the runway because
when the whole outfit is only a dress, it is hard to try and do much else to make it
your own. HOWEVER, I am still keepin an eye on them to and putting them on my
straight from the runway "watch list" lol. I cant be having any repeat offenders time and time

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