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Alexander McQueen was born in 1969 on the East end of London with the name Lee Alexander McQueen. He left school at the young age of 16 and decided, instead, to become an apprentice as a tailor for Anderson and Sheppard. In 1994, he decided to apply to one of London's most prestigious fashion schools called Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design. He was admitted and worked as a patterncutter. He recieved his masters in Fashion design and designed a whole collection for his graduation which was entirely purchased by a fashion stylists named Isabella Blow
Some of his accomplishments included being one of the youngest designers to win the title of "British Designer of the Year" which he actually won 4 different times from 1996 to 2003. Along with that, he was named International designer of the year at the Council of Fashion Designer Awards. McQueen has lasted ten years as a solo designer which is an accomplishment in itself but to do this and remain at the top of the fashion industry is even more of a feat. He was brought into the Gucci group which bought 51% in his company several years ago. Just last year he was not only turning a good size profit but opened a new chain of stores. By the end of the year he had boutiques in L.A, N.Y, London, Milan and Vegas.

I think I am going to give him the award for the most creative designs. They are completely gorgeous and out of the ordinary which automatically catches my attention. McQueen is awesome at giving us looks that no one else is thinking of and making them fashion forward at the same time. I completely was drawn to the way he mixed colors and patterns together in such an outrageous way, but somehow makes them appear so subtle. They are not so out there that it completely throws you off and really want to wonder wtf was he did not need to say that! McQueen is a designer I am definately going to keep an eye out on because if he continues on this path I truly believe that he has a shot of really being a true powerhouse in the fashion world.

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mette stig said...

Nice little story :o) I love McQueen aswell. As you pointed out - the way he uses patterns is really interesting.

mizzeboni said...

thanks a lot