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I believe that everyone should try to mix it up once and a while, get out of that bad habit of being conformed to the same "style". That is a place that I am trying to get out of. By that I mean, I love love love me some jeans, to DEATH. I stay in some skinny legs but I would not say I have a "style" but others may. By this I mean that I feel that I do not consider myself a "dress up" type of chick but some others do, I do not consider myself a "laid back" chick but I do love me some basic and screen tees, I do not consider myself to be a "dress rockin" chick but i do have quite a few dresses. The point I am getting at is that although I do love certain things, I try to change up what I usually wear. The pic above is this outfit I "created" lol, right before church. I seen the skirt while I was out trying to look for a dresser, dont ask how I ended up with the skirt, lol. It was only $12 and I took one look at it and fell in love. It was so cute and different, it was something that I hadnt seen in stores or anything so i just had to get it. Wearing skirts is somewhat out of my element but the moral of this post is keeping an open mind to different things. I paired it with a basic black tee so attention would be centered on the skirt. It was longer then I preferred so I raised it up in a high-waist form and put a belt around it to add a little bit to it and define my waist. I paired it with black heels and went on about my business. The thing I am trying to get at is come out of your comfort zone. Do not be bound to the same routine of putting on clothes that are basically undecipherable from one another. BREAK OUT NOW!! Do it before you get too comfortable in the same things so that when you are ready to get out its not so uncomfortable.

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Angel said...

Well, I do like it! I lkie red anyway, but that skirt is really great and itis good to "mix it up"