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In 1945, french designer Pierre Balmain launched his house as he was one of the top design giants in the fashion industry alongside Christian Dior and Cristobal Balenciaga. They were all in part responsible for launching a whole new concept for haute couture dresses after the second world war. Balmain's designs, especially his elegant evening gowns, were loved by European royalty and those in Hollywood as well which showed his extensive scope around the globe. Balmain died in 1982 shifting his executive assistant Erik Mortensen to head of the house until 1990. Two years later, fashion icon Oscar de la Renta joined the house founded by Balmain. The years that Oscar de la Renta did head it, financial complications fell upon the house (2002-2004) and was eventually forced into bankruptcy.

However, in 2005, investors seeing great potential in the company revived it and sought designer Christophe Decarnin to help the line out. Decarnin took the once elegant, classical gowns and traditional dress and turned the house into a chic, body-tight, slits-thigh-high fashion forward powerhouse. Sales have been said to have doubled since the house took on Christophe as one of their main designers. Their clothes are rather expensive though. A tee shirt can cost $3000, dresses will run you from $12 to $22,000 and jackets are going for $5,000 a pop. They are in the process of expanding the company by adding staff, a man's line and conjucturing with shoe GOD Giuseppe Zanotti to create a shoe line as well.

I am just crazy about Decarnin's creations because they are soo extremely beautiful and sexy while still maintaining this air of being classy. There were very few outfits from his spring collection for this year (the pics around are from and are from his spring collection) that I did not drool over. I swear, if I could find one of these dresses for a price I could actually afford I would just lose my MIND! I am in love! And if that shoe collection comes out--> Im going to need to be recessitated! No lie! I feel that Decarnin has really brought that edge to the line that brings the ability for the young, hot hollywood divas to be able to relate to and shop through. It gives a new look to the line that still builds on the Pierre Balmain's vision for his company while moving with the changing trends and times.

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