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I decided to do this because we love the looks that we see on celebs and wonder where in the world they got, or who made it, or was their outfit truly their idea? We give praise to these stylists and such that dress our favorite people, but sometimes, all they do is take a complete look and straight swagger-jack it from the runway. I mean, head to toe! Some may say, what is wrong with this? Nothing really, but when some are praised for their incredible fashion sense and all they are doing is pulling things from the runway, I feel let down! I mean, do you really have fashion sense or just jackin somebody elses? I know that some things you cant help but to jack because, say its a dress, all you can do is really accessorize it, nothing else can be done. But if you take a whole outfit off the runway- PANTS, SHIRT, AND SHOES? There is something a tad disappointing about that. (i am givin rihanna the side-eye right now because she is on here more than ONCE, my fashionista? humm, she may be put on timeout! lol)

Beyonce in Balmain at the premiere of her movie "Obsessed". A lot of people did not have kind words for this piece but i LOVVVEEEDD it so much. I was really inspired on how I want my wedding dress to be short with a train. HOOOLLLAA!! and my bridesmaids will wear the same and be hott

Lady O!! What can I say about Michelle, I just *heart* her. *and it is not bad she is married to the hottest man alive, lol* The piece she is wearing is from Basso and Brooke (be on the lookout, Im writing about them soon, they are amazing designers). This is what they had to say about the first lady wearing a piece from their collection- "We were amazed when we saw the picture. She is such a strong, stylish landy- redefining a woman's wardrobe- and for her to select us is an honor".

This is Estell hitting a read carpet event in a a silk black and white dress. I remembered the designers but for the life of me right now I cannot put my finger on them. Sorry!

Ok, Rih Rih!. She stepped out in this complete Gucci ensemble not too long ago (I believe it was the beginning of May, someone correct me if Im wrong). I loved this on her, it was so grown woman sexy. BUT when I seen the entire outfit walkin down the runway, even down to her shoes, I was less enthralled! I mean, we could not at least put on some different shoes! My god! I just personally define style as someone taking somethign they like and making it their own. This was NOT done here.

Another look that was jacked straight from the runway. This LV get up! I really did not even like it to begin with so the fact that she took the entire thing, even down to the shoes AGAIN, was a tad disappointing. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS!!

Christina Millian looked so cute in this Louis Vuitton dress from the Spring/Summer Collection for this year. It fit nicely and looks amazing. I have nothing bad to say about her right now because its a tad hard to really do something different to a single dress besides add some earrings and bracelets to it,you know?

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