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Ok, I hate to burst some of you guys' bubbles but not EVERY spot you see is leopard!! lol..I have seen people say 8 different animal spots are ALLL leopard, no no no. Designers do draw inspiration from other felines in the animal kingdom besides the leopard! I will break it down to let you know which spots are which!! Yes, Eboni to the rescue yet

Ok, Im going to assume that everyone has seen at least THREE (3) of these spots on a dress, shirt, shoe, handbag, ect. So I am going to break down the prints ok? Going left to right- This is the ONLY leopard print up there. If you look closely, it contains both open and closed small spots. It is also more orange in tone than the other prints. It kind of looks somewhat like a paw, ok, that was the best analogy I could come up with. Next, this is waht we call a jaguar. If you notice, it is extremely close to the leopard's spot but they are more open and actually paw-like than the leopard print. Ok? Moving on, third we have the cheetah. I do not know how people get leopard and cheetah mixed up but, hey, to each his own. I do realize no one really stares into the spots all that hard and tries to analyze them like I do. LOL. You can decipher the spots her because they are just that, spots. They are much smaller and are very to completely closed. They look like black polka dots. As we continue, we have what is called an ocelot, please dont ask me what it is because I dont know. But what i DO know is that these ARE technically spots even though they appear to be leaning more towards stripes. It's spots are curvy and has the tendency in some areas to form into short stripes. Last but not least is the snow leopard, if you mixed this one up with the actual leopard, its ok! No sweat, just dont do it again! As I stated before, the leopard has a more orange tone, in comparison, the snow leopard is much paler and has open and closed spots. You good now? Well, my work is done! Hopefully this has given you much needed help, lol. Be sure to keep an eye out because I will be going into if animal prints are still in, and if so, for how long. Oooo should you throw away that leopard or cheetah dress or keep it for fall? DUN DUN DUUUNNNN!!!

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