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Basso & Brooke is a design label that was started by Bruno Basso (brazilian) and Christopher Brooke (British). In 2004, they were the inaugural winners of Fashion Fringe which is an award given out in a UK talent competition which searches for the next big thing in that regions fashion. Basso and Brooke met while they were both a nightclub (I wish I could meet someone in a nightclub that drives my career to an all-time high..umm) and launched their company in 2003. They scored a production and distribution deal with Aeffe and joined London Fashion Week the following year. They are known for their theatrical ready to wear by their defying proportions and wild graphics. Their celebrity clientale includes: Beyonce and Rihanna and they have gone into different endeavors such as shoes and handbags.

I am in love with their spring collection for this year. It is an amazing showcase of the talent that both of these designers bring to the industry. I am really feelin the preview of their fall collection of this year as well. I feel that these two designers are some of the most creative in the industry right now. They are consistent throughout their collections from the past couple years (that is as far as I looked lol) with keeping up with the trends but adding their own twists to them. I just love the way they present the spring collection (pics in this post of the spring 09 collection) as it should be. I mean the fresh colors and light materials clearly indicate which season it is supposed to be for. I have looked through collections of several others and, no offense, I cannot tell if it is for spring or fall/winter collections, REALLY! No, they are not very established designers but they should at least still know to make it decipherable. But I digress, I feel that this line is very eclectic while still remaining fashion forward. It is almost like they dont even TRY to make it good, it just is. But you can be the judge for yourselves. I believe that many will like it because they inspire a wide range of taste and
try to blend it all into a single body of work. Enjoy.

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