I would never say that I would have said that Melody Thornton was a fashion icon of mine in the first place, but this outfit gone wrong has not changed my mind. Jumpers are definately a trend that has been poppng up on the runways effortlessly. HOWEVER, this was not the best choice for Ms. Thornton. First, lets talk about the COLOR, o honey no. That grey could have been traded in for a black or white, which have set the beautiful complexion of her skin off instead of this dreadfully dull slate gray. I am not loving the long sleeves, I wish that it was a one-shoulder jumper or even a tube one. Because she is so petite, the jumper looks baggy on her and the belt and legs of the outfit look too high. And speakin of that belt, it looks a little too tight as though circulation is being cut off. It produces that side-baggage of fat that is an ILLUSION because the girl is in shape. The Louboutins are cute but the fact that she kept the entire color scheme that was already, for lack of better words, dreadfully undesirable made it worse. So Ms. Thornton is definately going on my WOAH NO! list this week.

Ok, I will be the first to admit that I have this love/hate relationship with Express. I mean there are days when I would go in and see NOTHING I liked (the only reason I would go in there was to follow my fiancee around the store he loved). Then I would go in there and be like "o wow, this is cute, these jeans are perfect, that shirt is HOT!" And this is what pisses me off. What I would look for in a store was consistency, always having what I wanted, when I wanted it. I mean, I didnt want to feel like I put gas in my car, drove up to the mall, searched an hour for parking, debated spending money I truly didnt have in order to be let down. You know? What I wanted was not what Express was offering 100% of the time. But that was ignorant-old me.

When I finally started researching looks and really getting into fashion publications, I realized that Express is the more resonably-affordable version of what is being presented on the runway and what trends are hot at the moment. I am not crazy. I know that I post about famous, uber-expensive designers on here and that is what I like to do, but most can't even afford a glove from their collections. Thats ok too, so that is why I go and try to find reasonably priced stores and websites that can bring you those gorgeous looks, but wont break the bank. I recently went in a got two pairs of jeans and a button up (which my so loving, handsome fiancee bought for me) and loved them. I started looking at items that a year ago I wouldnt have dreamed of putting on. But this went to show me that by reading these publications and watching famous people and what they wear (I love Kourtney Kardashians style) that my taste is changing. I am going for a sophisticated sexy look, a rocker look, just different looks that I feel I would not have been attracted to in the past. But its ok. So the look I am loving right now is Express, if you are not familiar with the store- GO! Check more looks out @ express.com.

There is very little information regarding Ms. Amber Rose on the net outside of her being a bi-sexual stripper and Kanye's arm piece. I like to at least try and give background on the people that I choose to be my fashionistas because some may not really know who they are. I looked and looked and looked but there is nothing on her background except the aforementioned. So, that is that.

What I am going to say is that this chick rose from the stripper pole and landed in the office of Ford models. YES, she is signed to a modeling agency, and a very prestigious one at that. She is one of the very few "models" (you know, the video vixens or sex tape "victims") who has actually landed a deal to be part of an actual agency. So kudos. We ALLLLL know how that happened but I am going to give it to her, Amber is a very beautiful woman and has a style that is outta here ridiculous and hasnt really been seen before. Well, not seen before and put together so perfectly. Very, very, very few women can pull off the bald look and even less can pull it off in flourescent leggings.
I think that what wows me the most about her is that she has completely changed her look and did a 180. She wen from rocking suspenders clipped to a high-waist, grandma looking pair of too short shorts to rocking designer dresses at the Met Costume Gala. And she did is FLAWLWSSLY. Although I dont completely agree with her lifestyle or what seems to be a sham relationship, I am focusing on the fashion aspect of her life. She has the look, height ans fashion sense to pull off almost any look that she puts her mind to and that is what particularly draws me to her so easily. Its like I LOVE looking at this woman! Every photo of her is in something that is completely in-tact with her style code and so put together. I feel that she is actually a great model with such a unique look that has been missing for a while. I really do hope that she is able to go far with her modeling dreams and really wish her the best.

Keri Hilson was born in 1982 in Decatur, Georgia (BIG UPS, thats where I grew up). In her teen years she routinely practiced the piano and took singing lessons eventually allowing her to join a girl group called D'Signe. She began songwriting in 2001 for artists such as Usher, Ludacris, Britney Spears and Ciara. In 2006 she signed with Timbaland's label Mosley Music group while appearing on the smash "The Way I Are". She is actually signed to Interscope Records and Zone 4 as well. She was part of a collective group of writers and producers known as the Clutch where she ghost-writed for artists for quite some time. Her debut cd was "In A Perfect World" which included her smash hit "Turnin Me On". Since then she has been trying to climb the charts as well as her way into the lime light of the industry in front of the camera, instead of hidden in the credits of someone else's album.
MS. KERI BAAABBBY!! I know that she has gotten some flack on her style sense in the very brief time she has come from the back drop into the lime light, but I am really digging her. I call her the unlikely icon because I believe that Keri Hilson has such a style that is her own. I think that she can go from the streetwalk to the red carpet beautifully. I know a lot of people dont really like her style but I appreciate people who know what they like to wear and try to stay as true to that without losing themselves to the labels (not saying that it wont happen). I feel that she is steadily working at incorporating her own taste into what is "accepted" by the fashion mags. This tall, gorgeous woman is really making a name for herself in the music industry and I feel that if she continues to get the right stylists to cater to what she likes, while standing by what looks good on her and in front of the camera, she will be set. Not saying that she is 100% there because I think that with her long legs and slender frame, she has what it takes to rock the hottest things, but I understand that not everyone is into that. She seems to be more comfortable rockin' sneakers than stillettos. But to each its own. Ms. Keri baby is my unlikely fashion icon right now. Im going to continue to keep tabs on her though... she looks like she can slip.

I dont know how and why these shoes are still being created. Its not that I dont find them cute because the ones on the left I would wear if it had a nice stilletto heel to go on it. I just think that they appear to be a tad weird looking, call me crazy and conventional but I feel that a shoe that is supposed to have a heel SHOULD HAVE A HEEL! The first time I see this was on Victoria Beckham (no surprise) on the right with her man, the finest white man alive, David Beckham. I did not like them at all and I dont know, I dont think they are really going to be rubbing off on me anytime soon. If its someone elses revelation then go ahead, but this look is not for me whatsoever.

Miss Lala Vasquez was spotted out and about with fiancee Carmelo Anthoney on the way to a club. She rocked these Alexander Mcqueen booties last month at the premiere of The Taking of Pelham 123... Now I am one that says, "if we wear things more than once, why cant celebs?".. I dont think its fair to bust them out if they happen to wear something more than once. However, since I love these boots and want to hate, I will.

I have a 3 for 1 deal today! There has been so many things that have went on today that I just had to group them alll together so there could be one post about the foolish hot mess that has went on the last couple days.

Ok we are going to first start with Michelle Williams, who for some reason thought it would be a good idea to first put on this oversized, unflattering tunic paired with black stockings (could we have AT LEAST had them flesh toned like her ex-group member Beyonce). The only thing right about that outfit is the leather jacket, which although way too hot right now to be wearing, is very much the trend right now.

NEXT, solange, solange, solange. We are NOT amber rose (who I am going to be doing a seperate post on). Like I said before, only about 1 in 2000 women can pull off a short haircut, and 1 in 20,000 can pull off being bald headed and unfortunately, you didnt make the cut (WOAH, no pun intended- I ALWAYS do that lol)...and it doesnt help that top is ugly.

LAST, Mel, you are a disgrace to black mothers all over the country right now. Why would you go and shave your child's head off into a mohawk? WHY? Your baby does not have good enough hair to do so. Im sorry. I dont think that this look is acceptable for anyone to go around looking like, let alone someone who didnt have a choice in that hairstyle.
And that is the foolishness that has been going on in the past couple days. Im so saddened by this all. Especially when you have enough money to pay someone to give you a clue

If you read this blog and other posts, you can pretty much get the idea that I love Rihanna's style. She can pull off so many different looks and create such an outfit that will only pretty much look good on her. Since she recovered from her beat-down, this girl has truly done a complete 180 on her wardrobe. If you thought she was a fashionista pre-chris-brown, then this girl has become a fashion icon now. I think that she is really evolving her style every week and taking it to levels that people her age are not anywhere near touching. I think that many are trying but its not working. She showed up to a movie premiere in this ensemble...
She took it back. It is very reminiscent of a 50's iconic fashion powerhouse (not to mention that pearls are very much in style right now). Rihanna is pulling off looks left and right and I will be one of the first to give kudos to whoever her stylists is because we know that even though she is pulling off the look, her stylist is pulling it together. I think that if she keeps it up she will be long awaiting a career in the fashion industry.

Im going to stop posting here just for a while because im overloaded at school. I am only takin two classes but it feels like 5 since I am in summer school and everything moves so much faster. I WILL BE BACK!! LOL.. It is just kind of hard to update regularly because I dont just throw things out there, I do a LOT of research on designers, their shows, pictures, trends, fashions coming back from the past, fashionistas (and their back-stories, if that makes sense). It takes a lot of time, I am telling you!! I am going to continue posting the day I step out of finals for this term which will be in the beginning of July.. HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN!! And thanks to those who comment on my twitter page, I really appreciate it. It is not goodbye, its so long just for now.


I believe that everyone should try to mix it up once and a while, get out of that bad habit of being conformed to the same "style". That is a place that I am trying to get out of. By that I mean, I love love love me some jeans, to DEATH. I stay in some skinny legs but I would not say I have a "style" but others may. By this I mean that I feel that I do not consider myself a "dress up" type of chick but some others do, I do not consider myself a "laid back" chick but I do love me some basic and screen tees, I do not consider myself to be a "dress rockin" chick but i do have quite a few dresses. The point I am getting at is that although I do love certain things, I try to change up what I usually wear. The pic above is this outfit I "created" lol, right before church. I seen the skirt while I was out trying to look for a dresser, dont ask how I ended up with the skirt, lol. It was only $12 and I took one look at it and fell in love. It was so cute and different, it was something that I hadnt seen in stores or anything so i just had to get it. Wearing skirts is somewhat out of my element but the moral of this post is keeping an open mind to different things. I paired it with a basic black tee so attention would be centered on the skirt. It was longer then I preferred so I raised it up in a high-waist form and put a belt around it to add a little bit to it and define my waist. I paired it with black heels and went on about my business. The thing I am trying to get at is come out of your comfort zone. Do not be bound to the same routine of putting on clothes that are basically undecipherable from one another. BREAK OUT NOW!! Do it before you get too comfortable in the same things so that when you are ready to get out its not so uncomfortable.


Alexander McQueen was born in 1969 on the East end of London with the name Lee Alexander McQueen. He left school at the young age of 16 and decided, instead, to become an apprentice as a tailor for Anderson and Sheppard. In 1994, he decided to apply to one of London's most prestigious fashion schools called Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design. He was admitted and worked as a patterncutter. He recieved his masters in Fashion design and designed a whole collection for his graduation which was entirely purchased by a fashion stylists named Isabella Blow
Some of his accomplishments included being one of the youngest designers to win the title of "British Designer of the Year" which he actually won 4 different times from 1996 to 2003. Along with that, he was named International designer of the year at the Council of Fashion Designer Awards. McQueen has lasted ten years as a solo designer which is an accomplishment in itself but to do this and remain at the top of the fashion industry is even more of a feat. He was brought into the Gucci group which bought 51% in his company several years ago. Just last year he was not only turning a good size profit but opened a new chain of stores. By the end of the year he had boutiques in L.A, N.Y, London, Milan and Vegas.

I think I am going to give him the award for the most creative designs. They are completely gorgeous and out of the ordinary which automatically catches my attention. McQueen is awesome at giving us looks that no one else is thinking of and making them fashion forward at the same time. I completely was drawn to the way he mixed colors and patterns together in such an outrageous way, but somehow makes them appear so subtle. They are not so out there that it completely throws you off and really want to wonder wtf was he thinking..lol..I did not need to say that! McQueen is a designer I am definately going to keep an eye out on because if he continues on this path I truly believe that he has a shot of really being a true powerhouse in the fashion world.

The trend that is coming in full force on the red capret and the runway is jumpers. YES! But not the ones your mother forced you to wear against your will (or am I the only one?) umm.. But i digress. The trend that is being seen right now are jumpers on the runways of major design icons right now for their fall collection. I am in between on the look right now because I have seen some amazing ones (Ralph Lauren) and some not so amazing ones (about 3 of the ones in the pic above but I will not say which). They are making their way on the bodies on some of the top celebs and are catching on like wildfire. I am definately putting this on the trend alert list. I was looking on sites to see where you could find some in local stores, but I havent found much of anything right now so I am going to keep searching. Be on the lookout.

In 1945, french designer Pierre Balmain launched his house as he was one of the top design giants in the fashion industry alongside Christian Dior and Cristobal Balenciaga. They were all in part responsible for launching a whole new concept for haute couture dresses after the second world war. Balmain's designs, especially his elegant evening gowns, were loved by European royalty and those in Hollywood as well which showed his extensive scope around the globe. Balmain died in 1982 shifting his executive assistant Erik Mortensen to head of the house until 1990. Two years later, fashion icon Oscar de la Renta joined the house founded by Balmain. The years that Oscar de la Renta did head it, financial complications fell upon the house (2002-2004) and was eventually forced into bankruptcy.

However, in 2005, investors seeing great potential in the company revived it and sought designer Christophe Decarnin to help the line out. Decarnin took the once elegant, classical gowns and traditional dress and turned the house into a chic, body-tight, slits-thigh-high fashion forward powerhouse. Sales have been said to have doubled since the house took on Christophe as one of their main designers. Their clothes are rather expensive though. A tee shirt can cost $3000, dresses will run you from $12 to $22,000 and jackets are going for $5,000 a pop. They are in the process of expanding the company by adding staff, a man's line and conjucturing with shoe GOD Giuseppe Zanotti to create a shoe line as well.

I am just crazy about Decarnin's creations because they are soo extremely beautiful and sexy while still maintaining this air of being classy. There were very few outfits from his spring collection for this year (the pics around are from nymag.com and are from his spring collection) that I did not drool over. I swear, if I could find one of these dresses for a price I could actually afford I would just lose my MIND! I am in love! And if that shoe collection comes out--> Im going to need to be recessitated! No lie! I feel that Decarnin has really brought that edge to the line that brings the ability for the young, hot hollywood divas to be able to relate to and shop through. It gives a new look to the line that still builds on the Pierre Balmain's vision for his company while moving with the changing trends and times.