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Ok, I will be the first to admit that I have this love/hate relationship with Express. I mean there are days when I would go in and see NOTHING I liked (the only reason I would go in there was to follow my fiancee around the store he loved). Then I would go in there and be like "o wow, this is cute, these jeans are perfect, that shirt is HOT!" And this is what pisses me off. What I would look for in a store was consistency, always having what I wanted, when I wanted it. I mean, I didnt want to feel like I put gas in my car, drove up to the mall, searched an hour for parking, debated spending money I truly didnt have in order to be let down. You know? What I wanted was not what Express was offering 100% of the time. But that was ignorant-old me.

When I finally started researching looks and really getting into fashion publications, I realized that Express is the more resonably-affordable version of what is being presented on the runway and what trends are hot at the moment. I am not crazy. I know that I post about famous, uber-expensive designers on here and that is what I like to do, but most can't even afford a glove from their collections. Thats ok too, so that is why I go and try to find reasonably priced stores and websites that can bring you those gorgeous looks, but wont break the bank. I recently went in a got two pairs of jeans and a button up (which my so loving, handsome fiancee bought for me) and loved them. I started looking at items that a year ago I wouldnt have dreamed of putting on. But this went to show me that by reading these publications and watching famous people and what they wear (I love Kourtney Kardashians style) that my taste is changing. I am going for a sophisticated sexy look, a rocker look, just different looks that I feel I would not have been attracted to in the past. But its ok. So the look I am loving right now is Express, if you are not familiar with the store- GO! Check more looks out @ express.com.

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