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There is very little information regarding Ms. Amber Rose on the net outside of her being a bi-sexual stripper and Kanye's arm piece. I like to at least try and give background on the people that I choose to be my fashionistas because some may not really know who they are. I looked and looked and looked but there is nothing on her background except the aforementioned. So, that is that.

What I am going to say is that this chick rose from the stripper pole and landed in the office of Ford models. YES, she is signed to a modeling agency, and a very prestigious one at that. She is one of the very few "models" (you know, the video vixens or sex tape "victims") who has actually landed a deal to be part of an actual agency. So kudos. We ALLLLL know how that happened but I am going to give it to her, Amber is a very beautiful woman and has a style that is outta here ridiculous and hasnt really been seen before. Well, not seen before and put together so perfectly. Very, very, very few women can pull off the bald look and even less can pull it off in flourescent leggings.
I think that what wows me the most about her is that she has completely changed her look and did a 180. She wen from rocking suspenders clipped to a high-waist, grandma looking pair of too short shorts to rocking designer dresses at the Met Costume Gala. And she did is FLAWLWSSLY. Although I dont completely agree with her lifestyle or what seems to be a sham relationship, I am focusing on the fashion aspect of her life. She has the look, height ans fashion sense to pull off almost any look that she puts her mind to and that is what particularly draws me to her so easily. Its like I LOVE looking at this woman! Every photo of her is in something that is completely in-tact with her style code and so put together. I feel that she is actually a great model with such a unique look that has been missing for a while. I really do hope that she is able to go far with her modeling dreams and really wish her the best.

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K. Michel said...

Yeah, Amber is just a breath of fresh air. You're right, Miss (or is it Mizz?) Eboni.

--Going bald was so gutsy, yet it paid of properly.