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If you read this blog and other posts, you can pretty much get the idea that I love Rihanna's style. She can pull off so many different looks and create such an outfit that will only pretty much look good on her. Since she recovered from her beat-down, this girl has truly done a complete 180 on her wardrobe. If you thought she was a fashionista pre-chris-brown, then this girl has become a fashion icon now. I think that she is really evolving her style every week and taking it to levels that people her age are not anywhere near touching. I think that many are trying but its not working. She showed up to a movie premiere in this ensemble...
She took it back. It is very reminiscent of a 50's iconic fashion powerhouse (not to mention that pearls are very much in style right now). Rihanna is pulling off looks left and right and I will be one of the first to give kudos to whoever her stylists is because we know that even though she is pulling off the look, her stylist is pulling it together. I think that if she keeps it up she will be long awaiting a career in the fashion industry.

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