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I would never say that I would have said that Melody Thornton was a fashion icon of mine in the first place, but this outfit gone wrong has not changed my mind. Jumpers are definately a trend that has been poppng up on the runways effortlessly. HOWEVER, this was not the best choice for Ms. Thornton. First, lets talk about the COLOR, o honey no. That grey could have been traded in for a black or white, which have set the beautiful complexion of her skin off instead of this dreadfully dull slate gray. I am not loving the long sleeves, I wish that it was a one-shoulder jumper or even a tube one. Because she is so petite, the jumper looks baggy on her and the belt and legs of the outfit look too high. And speakin of that belt, it looks a little too tight as though circulation is being cut off. It produces that side-baggage of fat that is an ILLUSION because the girl is in shape. The Louboutins are cute but the fact that she kept the entire color scheme that was already, for lack of better words, dreadfully undesirable made it worse. So Ms. Thornton is definately going on my WOAH NO! list this week.

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