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This look that we are scoping out today is coming from Matthew Williamson's Spring 09 ready-to-wear collection. This trench coat is being doubled as a dress by Rihanna below and worn as purposed by Beyonce below (not that rockin it as a dress is wrong- i love it). Bey is pairing it with Gucci heels and Rih Rih is rockin her dress with some reptile inspired jewelry. I am really feeling Rihanna in the coat as she is wearing it as a dress a tad bit better than Bey, sorry. Even though Bey is rockin it closer to the version on the runway, I applaud Rih for really making it her own. In the first post of mine from straight from the runway, I said that there is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from the runway (as long as the WHOLE outfit was not the inspiration) but doing something to make it your own is applaudible. To me, it just makes so much more of a statement than Bey wearing it over other article of clothing because it makes you focus on the WHOLE outfit instead of just the coat. Again, nothing wrong with that, but when focusing solely on the coat, I feel that Rihanna just did a better job. But you can be the judge of that..

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