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This is just ridiculous!! We all remember the ones that came out, my god, when was it? I believe 04-05, something like that. You know, the supposed to be air force heels? Yall remember! lol. Now, designers have actually been using these in their shows within the last year and a half. Now, Im reading in my beloved Elle magazine that they may be a new, dare i say, *shudders* trend! Now, Im NOT feelin these at all. I do not think I am jumping on this trend right now or ever. Unless the greatest designer in the whole free world creates one that is just shockingly amazing- 4 inch heel, skinny, and my fave colors NOT lookin like the ones on this page, I will not be ridin on this train at ALL. I am not feeling this look at all and I am not sure if its just the ones on this page or that Ive been seeing it. Maybe if some real well-rounded shoe designers get together and put something together in this same format, lol, I may look into this but for right now, they are on my "no" list.

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I love sandal boots( boots with the toes out) and any type of gladiator inspired boot, but thus sneaker heel is HORRIBLE. I HATE THEM WITH A FASHION PASSION. I saw the photo with Ri Ri in them and someone needs to smack her stylist... she has been doing so well up until those sneaker heels9 and I also hate her slick down hair on the sides--another topic) But the sad part is that some chicks are rushing out to find them as i type.... bye 4 now. thanks for letting me vent!