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Leather jackets have often been associated wiht bikers, military aviators, punk rock stars and wannabes, the goth groups and of course, our beloved, 5-0 (police). They have been around and produced for quite some time but they gained substantial recognition in the 20th century largely due to the movie world indulging their main characters in them. For example: Marlon Brando playing the character Johnny Strabler in the Wild One which came out in 1953; The Avengers (1983) and "The Fonz" character in the wildly popular tv series "Happy Days" which ran during the 70s and 80s but depicted the lives of people living in the 50s and 60s. Most leather jackets are made in Italy. Those that were produced for aviators and those in the military were brown and called "bomber jackets" which were seen on the Hollywood stars in the 40s and 50s. This trend is coming back, well, technically it has came back. Stores have been putting leather jackets in their stores around summer time, moving in to fall. Leather jackets have been making their way on the stars of this era as well and on the runways of some of our favorite designers. Many ladies are beginning to wear them over dresses to go out in or pairing a cropped version with skinny jeans and heels. Men are wearing leather jackets but they have actually been wearing them for longer than the female leather jacket trend has been back in action. I love the look if it is paired up right because it is perfect for goin out on a cool night with something on your arms while still staying completely chic and styled.

The ankle boot has been through many time periods, never really falling off but being evolved more than anything. And the evolved version of the ankle boot is what we most closely relate to what we call "booties" today (the short, heeled boot which may be open or closed toe). In the 18th century, the softer boots were replaced with cowhide ones that made the boot extremely stiff. Foot soldiers wore those that were cheaper that had side buttons. By the middle of the 19th century, shoes were now mass produces so this made then more readily available to consumers. By the 20th century men were still wearing ankle boots while women wore what they generally are still wearing today which were high or lower heeled, platform and wedge shoes. So the ankle boot has come a looongg way, even though we more generally see the lower, more fashionably modified version of it today.

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