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Leggings are "a form of skin tight trousers, a tighter version of the capris ending at the mid-calf or near the ankle" came into fashion in the 60's. They have become wildly popular today but to think of them as being "new" or such, is just not true. They have been used in many different ways throughout its popularity, such as for workout or used as a type of leg warmers for those in the military. Leggings that are nylon-lycra material were originally worn for exercise in the 60's but became a fashion trend in the 80's. By the early 90's they were actually outselling jeans! *crazy huh*. They have recently made a comeback, well, not that recently. The trend once again started in late 2004, 2005 when people started wearing them with skirts (and some with *ugh* shorts), oversized shirts and as actual pants (meaning they wore them with regular length shirts exposing the whole legging). They are still very popular today because they are so easy to wear your fave shirt with that may not be long enough for a dress but may look ackward with jeans. I see it slowly fading within the next year or two, if you legging lovers are lucky, three. They are not officially played out or close, but be on the look out! (pictured above, Bre from America's Next Top Model, below: Christina Millian, Megan Good, and Rihanna)


Skinny leg jeans have been in commission for quite some time now. They have went through several decades of being in, then going out and so on. The first era was in the 50s where the style originated. They were popularized by stars such as Roy Rogers and Marilyn Monroe by wearing their jeans very close to the ankles. When Elvis Presley began wearing them, they became associated with "bad boys" and rock n roll. In the 70s the "glam rock" style began and began rockin skinny leg in contrast to the flared-leg style worny by the hippies. They fit tightly and were adorned with zippers and mismatched patches. In the 80s, styles of acid-wash skinny leg denim were popular with heavy metal bands. They were for those who did not want to wear spandex that, at the time, were linked with glam rock and were often worn with high tops. As the grunge genre rose along with hip hop in the beginning of the 90s, skinny jeans faded into the background. However, some people still wore them as a way to rebel or be seen as "old school". They have made their comeback into the mainstream of America for a while now. They started coming back, from what I remember, in late 2006 if I had to say. They seem to not be going aaannyyywhere right now! Unless they come out with a hotter pant (well, the paper bag trouser seems to be gaining some momentum) then they will be around for a while longer. Can you imagine the flare coming back?? *ugh* (pictured above, Kim Kardashian; below: Megan Fox and Beyonce)


This look came about in the 80's during the, you guessed it, popularizing movie Flashdance. This look consisted of one sleeve being drooped past the shoulder for an off the shoulder look they we still see today. They were put on with leggings (as you still see today. It is like they are takin the 80's back by STORM!) or really tight jeans (skinny jeans) or over a miniskirt. Oversized or off the shoulder shirts have been manipulated in so many ways. The original look started with girls wearing big sweaters and cutting the necklines so that they are drooped over (unless they came that way) but now, they are just having the look modified so that the shirt is more form fitting and one shoulder is more drooped than the other which creates the same look. You really dont see it in its original form but the concept is still going on. It is not a wildly popular trend,even though the look has been back in effect for a couple years now but it may have the ability to really take hold as the one-shoulder movement is catching fire right now. (pictured to right: chanel iman, below: victoria beckham and cassie)

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cre8ed4fashion said...

Yes. one thing i've learned when following fashion/trends-it's very cyclic. Sometimes, it is best to hold on to your "old" stuff, because you never know when it'll be handy as "new" stuff! Good piece! :)