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ok, ok, ok- you know when I put that I got some explaining to do first lol. Well, I have to post a quick disclaimer.. I DO NOT THINK THESE SHOES ARE PLAYED OUT IN THE WAY IM STATING. Ok, I think these shoes are HOTTTT!! They are exactly what I look for in shoes because they are so different and unique while still being cute because you know some people can take it too far. Second note: this shoe comes in about 6 different styles (one even has a tribal mask on the front) so the spicy sandal you see to the left is just ONE of them. They range from about $1,500 to $3,000 a pair so they are NOT cheap. At those prices, the only people you expect to see them on are celebs. Which is crazy since they are more than likely getting them absolutely free. And do not get me wrong, believe me, if I could get a pair of these shoes free I would rock them across the Sahara until I my feet bled! The beeding on them, the elevated platform, the (what appears to be) 4 inch heel on them just scream @ me FIERCE!!

Background on the shoe: it was designed by Marc Jacobs and the concept came to him at 3 in the morning as he began cutting up bits of snake, leather and ribbons and created what is this now wildly popular shoe. It is laced with accessories and has gold finish LV lace tips, a monogram canvas and multi-colored platform and leather sole. ( I am placing this item on the played out list not because it is out of style or because it no longer has the appeal it once did. These have been rocked by EVERYBODY, my god! I mean, these celebrities have money to buy anything they want and decide to rock the same shoe! I am not saying that they are not allowed to like what they like or they even KNOW that other celebs have the pair, and there is nothing wrong with that. I am putting it on played out because I have just seen ONE too many celebs wear this shoe. Balmain, Chloe, Dior, Emilio Pucci, Zanotti, Ferragamo--> NO, LV! and the same pair. I love looking at these celebrities to see what they are wearing and fantasize about being able to afford them..uuuummm... but when I see them rockin the same thing, I just fall out of my fantasy land. For the same reason I put Herve Leger on the played out, Im sorry LV, I have to put these sandals on played out. I love them deeply and applaud the excellence that is Marc Jacobs on his creative endeavors, but they are just becoming a thing of publicity. Like I said, these celebs are more than likely not paying for the shoe and being sent them to showcase ONCE and probably never rock again (you know the fashion faux pas of celebs is too NEVER wear anything twice-*GASP*). Then we, broke or not, decide to go out and buy them in order to maintain this falsified lifestyle to keep up with the jones'. Im not mad at LV because they know that we love our celebs and free publicity is the best! I am just mad they sent a pair to EVERYONE (jk, Im pretty sure ONE of them paid for their! They have popularized a great shoe, just to a point where it is TOO popular so it becomes mundane in a way when we see them. I love Louis and believe that they are a complete powerhouse in fashion and their creative genius is evident. I just look for a sense of individuality in things but at the same time, people cannot control what they like. That being said, Im still NOT taking it off the played out list. If you think they aren't then state your case, if it is good enough, I may remove them but I am a tough cookie lol. Rocking the LV Spicy Sandal- Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Mischa Barton, Heidi Klum, Ciara, Christina Millian, Amber Rose and Madonna (in the ad).