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Zanotti was born in San Mauro Pascoli. Before branching off
and forming his own company in the mid-90s he worked in luxury footwear for 20 years catering to his female clientele.
He began as an apprentice before deciding to start designing for his own shoe line. Zanotti's sense of "design awareness" which allows the designer to to keep up to speed with the current trends, has created not only a following of those who knew him from the beginning but a growing number of celebrities who are taking to his style.

Looking at his shoes, I mean, I just love them. When I look at designers,esp. those who design shoes, I look the amount of creativity, what makes them stand apart from the rest. I am NOT going to sit here and lie and say that EVERY single one
is just amazing, because some of them look like they were designed in some middle eastern nation, in a dungeon, in the dark. But overall, I just think the majority of his collection is so different from other designers that are out there right now.

<--My girl Kim K. was rocking the black version of these and I just loved them. I think I like them in the white too and I usually don't care TOO much for white shoes (they get dirty and dingy REAL fast)but these are super cute and only a whopping $879!LOL.. thats WAY more than I have EVER spent on some shoes, but if I was ballin' would have to go out and cop a pair of these.

<-- These right HERE, they are about $800. They are super high WHICH I LOVE!!! Im like 5'8 and love 4-5 inch heels so I walk around lookin like an amazon but so what. I think these would be the CUTEST with some distressed, skinny leg denim. Im sitting here imagining it right now.. i have a problem.. I mean, if this aint your style its not but hey.. there is always rooom for

<-- Ok, these bad boys will run you about $775, which is the cheapest of the ones i mentioned so far. (o, i really think you guys should check out his gladiator sandals!! so cute, but those are slowly fading out so think about that before spending $600 on some). I like the embellishment on the front. I wish the heel could be more high to really bring out that arch, and make your calves look AMAZING but its all good.

<-- I really have NO idea what the front of these look like but you cannot tell me that heel is not HOT!! never seen an actual heel like this. But i would rock them if I had about $995 to just blow. Yeah they are pretty expensive I know, but this is all part of my fantasy wish list

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