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Ok, like many other brands and things I research, there is very
little information on the actual power house behind this awesome
shoe company. What I did gather from about an HOUR, yes HOUR,
of looking on the internet was that the central designer behind these
shoes is David Giordano. This line is very new being launched for Resort
in 2007. The collection is Brazilian made but French inspired. I think that
if Giordano keeps up his design ability to keep up with the trends and what is going on in the fashion-shoe world. NOTE: like i say with many of the designs and designers on here, I do not like EVERYTHING in the collection. What I do is look at the entire overview of the collection and see if the "good" designs outweigh the ones that I believe could be just thrown into a pit fire. So with that being said *as nicely as I could put it* here are some from his 2009 collection:

This shoe is called Sacha *obviously*. On the site where I found it (http://www.pourlavictoire.com/) and it does not list prices so I do not have a clue how much these shoes actually cost but from looking around on the internet, the shoes range from about $200-$400 generally.

This style is called Bethanie and again, have no clue how much they are but I just liked these and all the pairs I decided to showcase on here. I mean, there are flats and sandals and all that good other stuff, but I personally love rockin heels even at 5'7 and WHAT!! lol..i would encourage you guys to check them out if you can.

<-- NOW THESE RIGHT HERE!!! Jesus in heaven I want them SOOOO bad!! LOOk at the spikes people! Janet (miss jackson) had some on in an behind-the-scenes episode of Tyra during her tour that looked JUST, well as close as possible, like these. See this is why I do this, because WHERE can you find some shoes like these? Bebe, Agaci, Wet Seal, OLD NAVY? NO!!! You could find Pour La Victoire on Nextag, Piperlim, Zappos and Bluefly.

I ordered some shoes JUST like these but in black from DSW and did not like them. I mean, They were only about $70 but I just know these Pascale probably would be better. I mean, I liked the DSW kind but they just came and looked cheap! Like the leather, or pleather, just looked strange and this is reason why sometimes, extra money on a good shoe will take you a long way.

Pour La Victoire has the potential to become a powerhouse in the fashion industry. It mixes the styles we love and see around the industry with a price we could possibly afford (this style I found was $324 @ Amazon.com). I genuinely like this brand because it doesnt do anything OUTRAGEOUS when trying to be different but takes the styles from the BIG POWERHOUSES and makes it his own beautifully.

I just adored these Bianca style shoes. I thought they were so creative and could easily be transferred from the workplace, to the club and back into church (dont act like you guys dont do that). I think that they are goreously designed in an intertwined, basket-weaving type way that creates a simple but chic look to it.

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